Easy Action
That Makes One

Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Journey/Toto/Foreigner

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Talk Of The Town
2. Teachers Do It With Class
3. Code To Your Heart
4. Only Love
5. One In A Million
6. Talk Talk Talk
7. Partners In Crime
8. Love Reaction
9. Rosie
10. In The Middle Of Nowhere
11. Eye For An Eye
12. There Is A River

Kee Marcello - Guitar
Chris Lind - Guitar
Tommy Nilsson - Vocals
Björn Påhlsson - Bass
Freddie Von Gerber - Drums

Easy Action (1983)
That Makes One (1986)


Remastered by Chris Lyne

Released 2020-01-31
Reviewed 2020-01-18

aor heaven

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Swedish band Easy Action has managed two albums so far, the debut in 1983 that was rereleased in 2007 and hated by this reviewer – it was so boring that I had trouble staying awake both listening to and writing about it. Then they released this album in 1986 with new singer and other changes in crew, now it arrives again in a rerelease with two bonus tracks that were B-sides on two singles from this album. Like the debut I haven’t heard this album before time to review so it is like a new one and this was actually a bit of a surprise both in terms of the style and the quality it offered. The cover isn’t brilliant though, fortunately it has no bearing on how we rate an album, just a point as it is a part of the album.

The style on the debut album was more of a glam rock thing, this goes in the classic AOR direction, perhaps not very original but with excellent sound and really catchy choruses. Great vocals as well, the variation is quite good and the added bonus tracks fits in really well together with the rest of the album – the playing time is sensible even with bonus tracks. I don’t think it sounds dated either, not like many other similarly styled albums from that era and I guess you could call it timeless. It is a high-quality production and quite a surprise compared with the previous album.

A great album and certainly one worth checking out, I think that it is well worth rereleasing. The songs are all good, none of them weaker and with strong ones like Talk of the Town and One in a Million to name just two it becomes a great album to listen to many times with sing-along tracks that makes you want to return to the album. And with the band who did this album successfully reuniting for some live stuff you could be excused for hoping that they will be releasing a new album in the near future, but if they don’t you could always enjoy this one for a while.

That Makes One probably makes Easy Action one of the most improved bands when comparing the first two albums. But it is not only a great improvement compared with a drab debut, it is an album that is more or less impossible to dislike. It is very well worth checking out this album but remember to hurry if you want a physical copy as it comes in a limited edition. In the end I think the logical conclusion is that Easy Action offers some great stuff here, I recommend this album for anyone who enjoy listening to great music.