Drive Moya
The Light We Lost

Label: Noise Appeal Records
Three similar bands: Mimi Secue/Contour/Killing Joke

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01 Cold Water
02 White Leaf
03 Freezer
04 Dreamboy
05 In The End
06 Violin
07 Song For Two (All The Light)

Christian Jurasovich - vocals, guitar
Simon Lee - bass
Sebastian Götzendorfer - drums


Valentin Zoop - synth on track 1 & 7
Edi Hallulli - strings

Recorded mixed and mastered by Alexander Vatagin at Audiomanufaktur, Vienna
Artwork by Harald Thaler

Released 2019-12-06
Reviewed 2020-01-11

noise appeal records

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They sing about the light they have lost, perhaps after jumping into cold water and sinking down far down into the cold darkness of the ocean, the deep-sea fishes of the cover makes me deduce that. I like the cover; it is really nice. It is the debut album by this Austrian trio and it offers seven tracks where the opening one is called cod water and then it ends with a Song for Two. It looks exciting but looks can deceive, the question has to be if it is interesting.

Shoegaze is often used for describing bands that sound like Drive Moya, slowcore is a description also used in the press material. The music is often a bit slow and atmospheric with some strong melodies and hypnotic parts, but also with some catchy choruses and similar additions. The album relatively varied and it is also quite short, a wise idea when making albums as it avoids the sense of an album that never ends. Good vocals and nice atmospheric sound, it is an album with a very good production.

The Light We Lost is a good album, the opening track Cold Water is a strong and catchy opener and one of my favourites of the album. Another favourite is the quieter track Freezer, it has a great atmosphere and emotion and is probably my favourite of the album. Strong tracks are always a good thing, the drawback is that parts of the album feel almost lethargic and that leads to me losing a bit of interest at certain points. I think this album would have benefitted by having a really outstanding song but it doesn’t even though a pair of them are quite brilliant but that isn’t enough for the album to reach a really captivating feel.

This is a good but ultimately also pretty forgettable album. I would claim that it is a very solid debut that promises a bit more than in actually delivers, it is good but I doubt that it will make more than a slight ripple in the waves of music. Perhaps that cold water put a bit of a freezer on and that prevented the band from achieving the highest highs, that means a good album but these guys need more if they want to stand out or be successful.