Dreams of Avalon
Beyond the Dream

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Astral Doors/Sky Of Rage/SunStrike

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01 Young Wild Hearts
02 Under The Gun
03 Shining Light
04 Bleed For Me
05 Run For Cover
06 Into The Night
07 On The Run
08 To Paris And Back
09 Stop
10 Black Demons
11 Somewhere Tonight

Joachim Nordlund - Lead and background vocals, guitars, keyboards and bass
Sven $ Danielsson - Drums and percussions
Joakim "Mohican Joe" Roberg - Keyboards on songs 1, 4, 10 and 11
The Norton Brothers - Background
vocals and loud screams



Recorded at Big Turn Studio, Borlänge, Sweden

Released 2020-08-28
Reviewed 2020-08-25


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Joachim Nordlund is usually heard playing in the band Astral Doors where he has been part of many albums. He has done some other things as well and now he comes up with this Dreams of Avalon project and the album Beyond the Dream. It is an album with a good-looking artwork and eleven tracks where we get to be on the run, visit some young wild hearts and take a ride to Paris and back – not a bad set of activities I guess. But what about the music? Inspired by the eighties says the press material, I think it is a good album and that Nordlund is a good musician and singer.

Musically it may not really break new ground, inspired by the eighties is obvious with a classic melodic hard rock sound. I think this album is quite upbeat, almost pop-rock with lots of keys, infectiously catchy melodies and choruses. Everything you need to enjoy a retro evening or just want to have something uplifting to listen to. The production is fresh and modern, good sound, good melodies, and good variation – good vocals. The playing time is sensible as well, quality production is a mark this one deserves.

Besides the argument on originality, a very valid argument of course, it is hard to see anything that speaks against this great album. The tracks are strong, the melodies outstanding and it is just fresh enough to work for almost anyone. I think this album has the potential to go down well with many rock and metal fans, and probably more than those, around the world. It is because of albums like these I argue against many releases as with higher numbers, releases like this one drowns in mediocrity. This is good enough to appeal to most music fans, it just needs to be seen.

Beyond the Dream is a very good album, it is looking back for inspiration like the melodies the hooks, and some of the spirit, while still maintaining a modern feel. I think Nordlund shows that he has a pretty diverse musical and another album or two under this moniker could be a nice break if Astral Doors turns stale. So, for you who are still reading, why not check this one out? It is probably worth it.