Label: Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Silent Descent/Insomnium/Be'lakor

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Capsized Reverie
2. 152
3. The History (Instrumental)
4. Treason
5. Entity

Jenna Kohtala - Clean Vocals
Valtteri Halkola - Harsh Vocals
Jaakko Yli-Sorvari - Lead Guitar
Mikael Haapala - Rhythm Guitar
Elias Halkola - Bass
Samppa Raittila - Drums

Poltetun veden pinta (EP 2015)
Guide My Fury (EP 2017)


Recorded at Entropy Studio, Finland
Produced by Santeri Peltomäki

Released 2019-10-18
Reviewed 2020-02-02


inverse records

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For those of you not speaking Swedish, the name of this Finnish band means The Fog if you translate it to English. So, what kind of foggy stuff hides behind that name and their third EP that is called 152? They do have a new female singer in Jenna Kohtala who does the clean vocals, and she is paired with a growler. This is a digital only release which is a bit of a shame as this cover would have looked good in the shelf, the cover is really nice and kind of exciting. The question is however, whether or not the music is as exciting as the cover.

It is melodic death metal with female and male vocals, the female singer is good perhaps not very different from other similar singers and the growler sounds like any other growler. There are only five tracks and little over twenty minutes of playing time, even so there is a decent amount of variation with one instrumental song and the first one being a strong hit song with more electronic and synth sound as well as a simpler structure. It all fits well together, starts simple and then the tracks move on in a pretty logical way until it ends. The sound is great and fairly fresh thanks to the use of electronics and the dynamics with the female vocals and growling.

This is a good one, the songs are all very good where the first one is a really strong and quite excellent hit song. It is well worth checking out this great EP, I think that Dimman has made something really impressive here. Sure, it would have been even better with an album containing these songs and a few more of the same kind but until we get something like that we can always enjoy this one.

Dimman is an exciting band and they make pretty fresh and strong music well worth listening to. This should certainly appeal to those who enjoy the melodic death metal genre but it will probably appeal to most metal fans. It is great stuff!