Damnation Angels
Fiber of Our Being

Label: Independent
Three similar bands:
PelleK/Kamelot/Lost Horizon
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. More Than Human
2. Railrunner
3. Fiber Of Our Being
4. Our Last Light
5. Rewrite The Future
6. Fractured Amygdala
7. Greed And Extinction
8. Remnants Of A Dying Star
9. A Sum Of Our Parts

William Graney – Guitar
Iggy Rodriguez – Vocals, Guitar
John Graney – Drums
Nic Southwood – Bass

Bringer of Light (2013)
The Valiant Fire (2015)


Mixed and mastered by Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios
Cover art by Sabercore23art

Released 2020-07-31
Reviewed 2020-09-02


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Third albums from Damnation Angels, and we here at Hallowed has been pretty positive towards the previous ones, especially the first ones. The British quartet’s first two albums were released by Massacre Records, this is an independent release. They also have a new singer and did release a first career video. The cover is pretty puzzling and looks quite cool, and interesting. And I think the new singer doesn’t change that much and the music is something that cannot really be disliked.

Symphonic metal is the statement in the press material and that isn’t a bad description, it is something like that. Melodic, pretty big arrangements with major sound and strong power metal vocals, good energy and catchiness as well. A short album as well, goes straight to the point and is probably more likely to leave you wanting more than less. A strong production plain and simple, and I would say that the new singer is not a letdown, he is good and doesn’t really have much impact on the band’s musical direction on this album.

If you like the previous albums these guys have released, you will like this one as it presses the same buttons. I think it is a strong album overall, easy to like and almost impossible to dislike. The weakness is the lack of a major hit song, they are strong and catchy all of them, but the album misses that magical track that defines it and makes you think of the band. And I don’t think that this one is as good as the first album was – it is better in some regards like finer and fresher sound, more powerful production etc. but the first album has better songs.

This album lacks that little bit extra; it is a very solid production and it is very easy to like, but maybe not a standout release. Fans of the band will like this; it is more or less the same as they have done twice before so it shouldn’t be any negative surprise there. I think that it is a pretty enjoyable album that I have found pretty good to listen to, but I doubt it will make a lasting impression.