Course of Fate

Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records!
Three similar bands: While Heaven Wept/Circus Maximus/Fates Warning

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. There Is Someone Watching
2. The Faceless Men Pt. I
3. Endgame
4. Utopia
5. The Walls Are Closing In
6. Wolves
7. Drifting Away
8. The Faceless Men Pt. II

Eivind Gunnesen - Vocals
Kenneth Henriksen - Guitar
Marcus Lorentzen - Guitar
Carl Marius Saugstad - Keyboard
Daniel Nygaard - Bass
Per-Morten Bergseth - Drums

Cognizance (EP 2013)

Backing vocals on "The Faceless Men pt.1", "Endgame" and "The Faceless Men pt.2" by Jeanette Heidenstrøm. Female choir on "Drifting Away" by Catharina Damman

Guitar and bass recorded at Red Valley Garage by Course Of Fate
Drums, vocals and additional guitars recorded at Lydmuren AS by Jon Fredrik Olsen
Keyboards recorded at Studio Saugstad
Acoustic guitar on "Drifting Away" recorded at Lydlageret by Lars Andresen and Course of Fate
Mixed and mastered by Arnold Lindberg at Nobel Street Studio in Gothenburg
Music by Henriksen and Course Of Fate except "Utopia" (Henriksen, Lorentzen and Course of Fate)
Lyrics By Gunnesen and Henriksen
Cover art and layout by Stan W Decker
Band photo by Terje "Metaworks" Johansen
Produced by Course of Fate and Jon Fredrik Olsen

Released 2020-05-15
Reviewed 2020-06-05



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Norwegian progressive rock and metal is getting ever more common these days and here comes another one who tries to weave through the minds of the listeners. Mindweaver is the debut album by Course of Fate from Fredrikstad, they have been around since 2003 so they sure took their time to come up with a strong debut. I read comparisons to the likes of Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Evergrey and more, I think they could have used Norwegian bands instead, why not Circus Maximus, Leprous and all of those other great artists they have in this genre. I wonder if the ridiculous language helps all those great Norwegian bands to create strong progressive music, or perhaps it is something else.

This is an atmospheric album, not as ridiculously complex as some progressive band can have the tendency to be. They have eight tracks, some instrumental, none of those insanely long ones that can be on some progressive albums, it feels all well weighted and well put together. The vocalist is good and so is the production with strong soundscapes and atmospheres. It feels like a relatively fresh album, even though it doesn’t really offer anything that we haven’t heard before but it was a long time since the progressive rock/metal actually signified progressive compositions.

Mindweaver is a good album with really good songs, but not with a real standout track – I don’t think that is necessary for an album like this as it is strong in its entirety. There are no real weaknesses; it should go down well with music fans with all kinds of preferences. This album presses all the right buttons with good songs, good atmospheres, depth and everything, a really powerful debut album from a band that shows great promise. This album also seems to cement that feeling of Norway having a really strong progressive scene with many great bands.

You should have a look at this one; it is a wonderful album that shouldn’t be overlooked if you enjoy the progressive metal genre. And with a good-looking cover it should look very nice in the record shelf, there are many arguments in favour of this album. I have enjoyed listening to it and there is a good chance that I will keep listening to it every now and then, even now that I have written this review text.