Cochon Double

Label: Hummus Records
Three similar bands: Çub/Ça/Submarine FM

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
101. La vie continue
02. Rat mort
03. Restaurant
04. Laisse aller
05. Canada
06. La porte
07. Vie de merde
08. Mouette

Brynjar Thorsson - guitar & vocals
Steven Doutaz - drums
Lionel Jodry - bass & Synth


Louis Jucker - add. organ on track 3

Produced, engineered, recorded and mixed by Louis Jucker at Hummus Lab in La Chaux-De- Fonds
Mastered for Vinyl by Cyril Meysson
Digital master by Louis Jucker
Artwork and layout by Lucile Ourvouai

Released 2020-04-10
Reviewed 2020-04-29

hummus records

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Sometimes I do pick the albums to listen to by looking at the cover, I like this cover but I didn’t think of Musique Actuelle that I reviewed a few years ago that was quite similar and covered a really poor album. But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and while this one has a good cover it may still had terrible music, the songs are in French and using other languages than English is often a positive sign, but not always. So, what about this?

There can be many things said to describe the music, noise rock is probably most fitting but there are hip-hop traces, lo-fi metal is another description I have seen and probably more things as well. It is fairly unique in terms of style, and novelty is always appreciated by seasoned critics – it does, however not always mean that it is great music. I read that it is sang in French like a suicidal child that just discovered razor blades, I seem to remember that children had more annoying and ridiculous voices – but I may be wrong about that as I tend to avoid children, especially those with razor blades.

It isn’t a good album, some of the songs are relatively okay while there are those that are quite terrible like the seventh one that is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. The sixth track where it is French in spoken word, it could be fun, but it is mostly annoying. The best part is probably that the playing time is shorter than half an hour, or the cover art.

They should be praised for making novel music but when it isn’t particularly enjoyable to listen to, it cannot really be recommended. If you enjoy melodic stuff, you should avoid this one – I know I will avoid it just like I avoid those annoying children with razor blades.