Boston Manor

Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands:
The Wonder Years/Like Pacific/Taking Back Sunday
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Everything Is Ordinary 
02. 1's & 0's 
03. Plasticine Dreams 
04. Terrible Love 
05. On A High Ledge 
06. Only1 
07. You, Me & The Class War  
08. Playing God 
09. Brand New Kids 
10. Ratking 
11. Stuck In The Mud 
12. Liquid ft. John Floreani 
13. Monolith

Henry Cox - vocals
Mike Cunniff - guitar
Ash Wilson - guitar
Dan Cunniff - bass
Jordan Pugh - drums

Driftwood (EP 2014)
Saudade (EP 2015)
Be Nothing (2016)
Welcome to the Neighbourhood (2018)


Recorded at The Barber Shop studios in New Jersey
Produced by Mike Sapone
Engineered by Brett Romnes

Released 2020-05-01
Reviewed 2020-05-18

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Glue is the third album by British band Boston Manor and you cannot really claim that it looks great, at least not judging by the cover. We have reviewed the two previous albums relatively positively but so it wouldn’t be unlikely that this new album is a good one as well. This new album revolves around the darker sides of life, showcasing that life was probably not really better before the world was panicked by a virus – but at least it was more varied when everything wasn’t about corona or covid or whatever.  This album is also varied in terms of the lyrical content of the songs, it jumps around from subject to subject, kind of.

It is pop punk, melodic rock, radio rock, pop, it encompass quite a few different aspects and compared with the previous two albums I would say that this one is more varied and it has a fresher sound. The production is really good, I like the sound, the vocalist is also of good calibre and it is overall a quite solid production. The variety of sound is quite big and dynamic, the problem is that the album feels incoherent, like the songs are just put on the record at random rather than in any thought out order to make it flow better. It feels somewhat fragmented, and despite the variation it feels like a long album.

It has some excellence and some less than excellence, it is a good album overall but thanks to the incoherent feel I think that it doesn’t quite live up to its potential. I like how they feel fresher than on their previous albums, and that the music is more interesting than before but I don’t think the album stands out enough and the great songs are a bit overshadowed by the overall feel of the album. I think it leaves a lot more to be desired, but also that the band is going in a more interesting direction than they did on the first two albums.

Glue works, some songs are quite sticky, but the one thing that sticks to me like glue is the incoherency that is quite detrimental to the overall feel of the album. I believe that fans of Boston Manor will find this to be really good, some reviewers have praised it a lot and in part I agree as there are many things to like about the album. However, it is never a good thing when an albums feels so long that you actually just wait for it to end, and that is what I do when I listen to the last two or three songs of this album. The conclusion that it is good but perhaps not as sticky as it was supposed to be.