Blade Cisco
Edge of the Blade

Label: Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group
Three similar bands: Alchemy/Firmo/Night Ranger

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Memories (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
02. Anything (Without Your Music) (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
03. Foolin' Myself (Lead Vocals: Valerio)
04. Rain Over Me (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
05. Life Is A Lottery (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
06. Edge Of The Blade (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
07. Hungry For Love (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
08. Grey (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
09. Invisible To Me (Lead Vocals: Andrea & Valerio)
10. We Are Still Standing (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
11. My Way (Lead Vocals: Andrea)

Andrea "Zanna" Zanini - Vocals & Keyboards
Valerio "Valle" Franchi - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Daniele "Daniel" Carra - Lead Guitar
Cesare "Cece" Fioriti - Bass
Umberto "Gali" Gialdi - Drums


Michele Luppi - Backing vocals
Michele "Dr.Viossy" Vioni - acoustic guitar

Co-produced, mixed & mastered by Michele Luppi
Co-produced by Blade Cisco
Cover artwork by Aeglos Art
“Memories” official video by Moviedel Productions

Released 2019-12-13
Reviewed 2020-02-04

burning minds group

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Some Italian friends with the passion for melodic rock/AOR formed the band Blade Cisco in 2007 and now a little over a decade later they are releasing their debut album Edge of the Blade. It is an album mixed, mastered and co-produced by Michele Luppi. It isn’t the most attractive album if you look at the cover but the stuff that hides beneath the cover is really well made.

Classic AOR or melodic rock with a somewhat nostalgic vibe, I guess you could namedrop many band names if you want to use bands for comparison – Night Ranger. They create some nice variation by using two pretty good lead vocalists and the production is really strong like it usually is within the genre. The catchiness and melodies are of course there, the surprises aren’t. The album is a bit predictable and though they sell the 52 minutes playing time, I think they would have benefitted by making it shorter as it would probably have created a somewhat stronger sense of dynamics.

Edge of the Blade is a good album, it may not be original but presses the right buttons to please the nostalgic people out there (and they are many) so it should work alright for most. But while it may work for most, I doubt that too many will dub it one of the best albums they have ever heard, and it is probably not a very memorable album in comparison with the most impressive bands in the genre. Therefore, it may be somewhat ironic that the highlight track of the album is the opener that is called Memories, ironic because I doubt there will be many memories of this album when I look back on the reviews from this year.

And with that I can conclude that Blade Cisco makes a good but not amazing albums. There is some hit potential here, the sound is great, the songs feel familiar and you cannot really dislike it, this album should work fine even though it would have been fun if they had tried some tricks that were outside the box. But while it may not really light my world on fire, it may be worth looking closer at if you like the genre.