Architects of Rain
Ghost Notes

Label: Independent
Three similar bands:
Scar For Life/Vertigo Steps/Arcane Wisdom
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Sky Was Thin As Paper
2. Satellites On Fire Glitter In The Dark
3. (Em Mim) Todos Os Sonhos Do Mundo
4. Shutting The World Down

Alexandre Santos - lead & rhythm guitars
Bruno A - guitars, keys & programming, ebow, ukelele
Usama Siddiq - drums & percussions
Manuel Costa - bass


Tobias Umbach - piano

Recorded at Mauerfall Kollektiv by Usama Siddiq & Bruno A
Mixed and Mastered at Pressplay Music by Alexandre Santos
Arragements by Bruno A and assisted by Alexandre Santos
Music by Bruno A & Alexandre Santos
Logo and Artwork by Alexandre Santos

Released 2020-06-19
Reviewed 2020-09-12


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Architects of Rain, what does that mean? Are they rain creatures that work as architects or are they architects that draw up the different types of rain? Or are they a Berlin-based band with Alexandre Santos and Bruno A, two guys that has been featured on Hallowed before, it is that latest thing. Ghost Notes is their debut release, a four-track EP with a decent-looking cover. I have been listening to this EP quite a lot recently and the below text is what I thought about it.

Instrumental music, post rock, progressive and atmospheric rock/metal are how they are described in their press material and that is a pretty good description of what they have to offer. They are instrumental and they give us four atmospheric stuff and about 26 minutes of playing time, quite a quiet album I think, somewhat dreamy atmosphere, like listening to the world on a rainy summer day. I don’t think it is a particularly dynamic release, but I don’t think that is anything this band is looking to do. The four tracks show decent variation and they flow well into one another, and the soundscape is nicely painted by skilled painters.

It is a pretty good release, the tracks are good, the atmosphere and that stuff. They paint a very nice soundscape that is relaxing to listen to. It doesn’t quite grab your attention or really invite you to listen, perhaps you could say that it is more of background music than something you really pay attention to. I like it but I don’t think it is anything really outstanding, but if you want a soundtrack to enjoying a summer rain or sitting on a mountain somewhere taking in a sunrise or sunset, it might be a great choice.

It is an EP that works, it could be worth checking out and not only for those that are enjoying the post-rock and metal stuff, it should be appealing to most fans. I do however wonder if anyone will be really taken by it, I think most will like or enjoy it, but few will really love it. So, if you want some really good atmospheres and soundscapes, this one is for you – you will like it.