Label: DarkTunes
Three similar bands: Nightwish/Within Temptation/Epica

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Pilgrim
2. Spark of Life
3. Tair
4. Black Honeymoon
5. The Time Machine
6. Cold Spot
7. Ulas
8. Hopeless
9. Fratricide
11. Seeds
12. The Garden of Mars
13. Cessate ormai cessate

Lucille - voice
Hydra - voice
Paul - Bass
Emanuel - guitar
Lord - guitar
Ian - samples
Richard - synths, voice
Cozy - Drums

Celestial angels (EP 2008)
Nova Vita (2012)
Impressions (2014)
Dischronia (2017)


Recorded and mixed at Aurora Recording Studios (Italy) by Emanuele Viglietti
Artwork by Roberta Cavalleri (ZenCaos Creative)

Released 2020-03-27
Reviewed 2020-04-23



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Multiverse could mean that the songs have multiple verses on the new album by the septet known as Aevum. It could also be relating to the multiverse theory, you know the one about multiple universes, parallel universes and things like that. The universe thing is probably the more probably reason, the songs don’t betray that but a song called Time Machine might indicate that there is a sci-fi component to that and parallel universes is quite common in sci-fi as you all know. The cover is quite nice, so what about the album?

Musically they walk down the symphonic metal path, dual singers with strong female presence. I think that Epica can be a decent comparison. Neither the vocals or the style of music stands out from much else in the genre, the production is pretty good but I wouldn’t say that the band offers anything fresh or novel to the scene. They press the same buttons and walk the same paths as many other bands do and in the end there is a chance that they might drown in the noise. With 55 minutes they could also make it shorter, skipping a track or two could have made the album more direct and interesting.

This is a pretty good album with pretty good songs, but it isn’t a standout album. There is no standout song on the album, and they don’t really make anything unique, they just thread down the same paths many others have threaded before. They are good craftsmen but not great artists, I enjoy artists and while I can respect craftsmen I tend not to like their craft too much – something unique and different is always much more fun than anything that has been done millions of times, no matter how well it is done.

Aevum needs to think more outside the box, they make a decent album and fans of the genre will probably find it relatively agreeable, but I have a hard time imagining that anyone will look at it as a favourite album. So, if you like bands like Epica it is a decent chance that you will find this album agreeable, but I still doubt that it will be amongst anyone’s favourite albums of 2020.