A Day in Venice

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Octavia Sperati/The Gathering/How like a Winter

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

1. Lights
2. Vampires
3. Vintage Variation
4. Your People, Our People

Andrej Kralj - all instruments, vocals

Narcotic Luxuria (2013)
A Day in Venice (2014)
III (2019)

Scott Foster Harris - vocals on Lights
Jyi - vocals on Vintage Variation

Composed and produced by Andrej Kralj

Released 2020-04-20
Reviewed 2020-05-27



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Soon it may be time for A Day in Venice, if you don’t visit the city you can always visit the music of the artist. Behind the moniker hides the Italian artist Andrej Kralj who has been doing music under the A Day in Venice moniker since 2013, during that time we have seen three albums. This is a four track EP with a bright but not great looking artwork. The four tracks are all new, and that is a positive aspect so there are no pointless remakes or b-sides that have been dug up from under some rock.

Indie or alternative rock is probably the best way to describe this album, pretty catchy with distinct melodies and choruses. The opening track is quite pacey while the rest are pretty slow track, it might seem a bit slow or mundane due to that. The variation over the tracks can be described as fairly good, but the ending slower tracks may make it seem less varied. Thanks to some guest vocals along with Andrej himself there is a dynamic feel to the vocals, something I think is beneficial to the impression. The playing time is very short and more tracks would probably not have been a negative, two more and you get a more complete feeling.

The opening title track is pretty excellent and makes you go into the EP with a very positive feeling, I really like that track. The other three doesn’t do much for me though; they are pretty good but doesn’t really stand out or make a lasting impression. One pacier track like the opener would have done lots for the overall impression, now it is almost like a neither this, nor that, kind of release that starts out really well but then fails to deliver on that promise.

I don’t really know whether or not it is an EP worth checking out, if you do you will probably not be disappointed. Not disappointed might however, not lead to that much positive feelings and therefore I don’t know. I think that an album or at least two more tracks where at least one is a pacier one would have been much better than this. My lasting impression is that great opener; that alone might make it worth checking out.