1 Execute
2 Moving On
3 Nowhere To Go Pt.1
4 Who You Are
5 Tell Me
6 Bite The Hand
7 Firepower
8 Eternal Torment
9 Dehumanize
10 Shot Down In Fire
11 Shine On

Gretchen - vocals
Jo - guitar
Chris- drums
Andreas - bass

Fight For Yourself (2014)
Uphill Battle (2017)



Released 2019-07-15
Reviewed 2019-09-04


Zexy name, isn’t it? The Canadian band is releasing their third album called Execute, an album with a reaper on the cover. It looks like a DIY thing and it is described as metal punk in the press material. And it is such DIY metallic punk rock with lots of energy and simplicity – it caters to those enjoying the simplicity in the punk rock world.

Gretchen the vocalist is a girl with lots of energy and attitude, fitting the sound of this band rather well. It is simplistic with DIY production and style that makes the mind think of the pioneers of the punk rock music but it has a few more melodic parts that seems borrowed from the heavy metal genre and things like that. The variation is good, especially considering that it is a simple style they employ in their musical creation. The playing time is also kept sensible, perhaps due to them putting out the album in the vinyl format which limits the available playing time.

Good album with lots of energy and attitude and songs to like, I don’t think that there are any weaker songs on the album. The lack of a real highlight song is a bit detrimental to the whole picture but the album is good nevertheless but you could say that it doesn’t quite take off to the highest levels but it will certainly appeal to those enjoying the punkier rock music.

This album could be worth checking out for anyone who wants a reaper in the record shelf. I like the simple energy of this album and while I will probably not buy it but I can recommend that anyone who’s into the punk rock genre, it is a zexy album with a lot of zest.






Label: Common People Records
Three similar bands: Iron Dogs/The Ramones/The Capaces

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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