1. I Left My Appendix in NYC
2. Tongue Twister
3. Half-stache Man
4. Leaving Montreal
5. Dracula Love Hotel
6. Martin Bell
7. Piss Soaked
8. Back in Town
9. Fly Me To The Ceiling

Isaac Ruder - vocals
Etienne Arrivé - guitar, backing vocals
François Arrivé - bass, backing vocals
Romain Fiakaifonu - drums, bg vocals
Clément Beuvon - saxophone

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth (2012)
Fall In Line (2014)


Recording, Mix : Amaury Sauvé @ The Apiary Studio
Mastering : Noah Baxter
Artwork : Chien Bleu
Photos : AMPhoto

Released 2018-11-23
Reviewed 2019-01-29


apathia records

Crazy matchore, that sounds like lots of fun and lots of complex and lots of things. And Zapruder, a name that makes you think of things slightly different to the metal world. This self titled offering is their third released and it is red, I think there are fish on the cover – pretty cool cover. They released their first thing in 2012 and their first album a few years later. It is said that this third release is their most personal, written at a country bastion with booze drinking every day, BBQs and remembering the origins of Zapruder, like friendship, fun and rock’n’roll – so how about it, is it impressive? Is it personal? Is it friendly?

It is mathcore, not exactly as crazy as the press sheet want to suggest labelling it as crazy mathcore, not as heavy as some matchore either, and not as diverse. The production is pretty good, but nothing particularly special in that regard. And I don’t think the singer makes much of an impression either, perhaps lacking emotion, a bit boring. Not too much depth or variation through the nine tracks, the titles are probably more amusing than the songs themselves. Perhaps they were trying to hard, or boozing too much but their album doesn’t really strike me as personal or like something standing out.

Not a very amusing album, I think it is a little bit boring. The songs are not terrible or anything like that, they just aren’t impressive or exciting. Perhaps the fans of the mathcore genre will find it a bit more exciting than I am, I just don’t think these guys does music that is exciting enough to stand out from the masses. And it isn’t good enough for that either, to me Zapruder is just another album, another one of those okay albums that never makes a mark.

In the end I think that only mathcore enthusiasts might find this appealing, I am not sure though. Fans of a more general orientation will probably not be too impressed with what Zapruder has to offer, I think the French outfit need to come alive a bit if they want to make music that feels exciting, this album is just a little bit dull and not at all crazy.






Label: Apathia Records
Three similar bands: Dillinger Escape Plan/Converge/Daughters
Rating: HH
HHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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