The Sublime

1. The Sublime
2. Autoimmunity
3. Eternal
4. Sound Over Matter
5. Joyless
6. Triiiunity
7. Babel
8. Reverso
9. Textures Of Silence

Vindsval - guitars, bass, voices, synths
W.D.Feld - industrial pulses, synths

Moonlighting The Dreamer (EP 2005)
Dark Rising (2012)


Recorded and mixed by V. at Earthsound Studio
Mastered by Bruno Varea at Upload Studio
Cover art and layout by Dehn Sora

Released 2019-02-08
Reviewed 2019-06-01


debemur morti productions

The Sublime, that is a pretty interesting thing to call your album. A duo of Frenchmen stand behind that album, the debut of the band called Yerûšelem. It is a project by two guys who know one another from the band Blut Aus Nord and from the title one might guess that it contains some sublime influences. The artwork is quite sublime, and I guess that’s a start. But what about the album?

It can be described as quite grey in a way, kind of like the artwork in a sense. That is the main atmosphere of the album, greyish, perhaps slightly darkish. The music itself is of the industrial kind, post-punk in a way, darkwave, electronic, many things can be used to describe the kind of music we get to hear here. Not much in terms of beauty, not really anything too sublime in terms of music. The music is quite repetitive; I would describe it as slightly monotonous in a sense. I would not describe at exciting or creatively interesting, and it is a rather lengthy album that is very much remnant of Blut Aus Nord, their trilogy called 777 has been mentioned both in reviews I have read and in the press material.

Fans of said band and albums will probably find this album most agreeable, probably even good. More drama wouldn’t have hurt; more depth and darkness wouldn’t hurt either. This feels a bit like background stuff, lift or lobby music – something you have on when doing something else and just wants some noise in the background. There isn’t really anything here that grabs me, nothing that wants me to listen to this album over and over. Now, I am not really a fan of the industrial or whatever you want to call it so I may be missing the point.

If you like the similar bands you should have a look at this album, it will most likely appeal to you. I like the atmospheres but I would have liked something more sublime, something as strong as the artwork. I would have liked more depth and colour and more drama, sublime artwork and production isn’t really enough for me to sing their praises. The album is good but nothing spectacular, the artwork is a lot more spectacular than the music it represents.






Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Three similar bands: Godflesh/Pitchshifter/Blut aus Nord

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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