Wizard Rifle

1. Rocket to Hell
2. Cevaman Waltz
3. Beneath the Spider
4. Funeral of the Sun
5. V

Sam Ford – Drums, Vocals
Max Dameron – Guitars, Vocals

Kitties and Pie​!​!​!​!​! (EP 2010)
Speak Loud Say Nothing (2012)
Here In the Deadlights (2014)


Produced by Billy Anderson

Released 2019-08-30
Reviewed 2019-10-

svart records

So, what is a wizard rifle? I know that some other reviewer asked this question but it is a good question nevertheless and I thought about it before reading that other review. Either it is something in the arsenal of the wizard, a rifle shooting magic bullets or something similar, perhaps spells. Or a rifle that shoots wizard, which would make it somewhat unwieldy due to the size required for shooting a wizard. Sure the magic can magix the size but the muzzle have to be big enough as the wizard would have to achieve full size before leaving the rifle otherwise it would be small forever. Whatever the device it is this Wizard Rifle it is also a moniker for two Americans making music, this self-titled release is their third album in a career that started in 2009 and the first release was an EP in 2010.

“Their elusive sound contorts and leaps from sludgy and psychedelic to thrash, noise and beyond, accented by vocal harmonies and shouts” says the label and why not use that for a description, as it isn’t too bad as such. It does however indicate some variation and that isn’t entirely the case. It has a fairly massive soundscape that is also a little bit monotonous, I would say that the five tracks lack a bit of variation. The album is 45 minutes long and I think that is a little bit too long as very little happens during these 45 minutes. The production is pretty good however, perhaps not the best ever but it is quite good so the craftsmanship is fine. I do however think that the artistry leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall I find Wizard Rifle to be a decent album in many regards but it lacks a standout track or at least something that stands out and brings you to the album. It needs something that makes you want to return to the album, there is nothing like that to be heard on this album. These guys are good craftsmen but I am not so sure that they are artists, like so many other musicians they don’t really come up with anything that hasn’t been made to death already, too engrossed with copying their heroes.

I think there is much better choices than this Wizard Rifle, something that fire more than blanks. There is a possibility that this album will appeal to those who enjoy this genre but I am not so sure about that, you should have a long hard look at this before even considering to purchase it.






Label: Svart Records
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Vanishing Kids/Boss Keloid
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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