Wires & Lights
A Chasm Here and Now

1. Drive
2. Swimming
3. Anyone
4. 24H
5. Sleepers
6. Cuts
7. Controller:Resistor
8. Dead To Us
9. Electric
10. Going, Going, Gone

Justin Stephens - Vocals + Guitar
Ralf Hünefeld - Guitar + Synths
Gabriel Brero - Bass
Sebastian Hilgetag - Drums



Recorded at Trixx Studios, Berlin
Produced by Justin Stephens
Engineered by Fabio Buemi
Mixed by Justin Stephens, Klaus Knapp and Fabio Buemi
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, Oxford
Artwork and photo by Jen Black

Released 2019-09-13
Reviewed 2019-10-06


Isn’t the cover for this album a bit depressing? Trees without leaves a guy looking out over the water appearing to be dreaming of being someplace better. It is the cover of the album called A Chasm Here and Now, the debut album of the band Wires & Lights – it certainly looks very good but does it sound good? According to the press material it sounds like post-punk. The band itself has been around for a while with demo material released in 2014 and now comes the debut album that contains ten tracks.

I don’t think post-punk isn’t a too bad a description for what it is. Modern and pretty catchy rock music with pretty good vocals, pretty good variation and decent depth. The sound is good as well so describing it as a well-produced album would not be wrong. It is an easy album to take to and to like with songs that are of such character, but I wouldn’t say that it is a particularly unique album – but it is still a relatively fresh album.

It starts really well with the track called Drive, a hard driving song that is quite excellent. It is also a track that promises a lot more than the album can deliver; it is a strong hit song that stands out quite well while the rest of the album doesn’t. Wires & Lights give us a very solid and good album with a great opening hit song and fairly fresh sound but not much more. As a debut it is one that can be said to be promising a lot for the band, they just need to create some more really strong hit songs.

There is a pretty good chance that you will like this album, it looks good and it sounds pretty good as well so what can go wrong? Not much really, the only downside is that the album isn’t a very memorable one. A Chasm Here and Now works but it isn’t the most impressive album I have heard in 2019.




Label: Oblivion/SPV
Three similar bands: Passion Play/October Burns Black/Reduction Plan

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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