Wheels of Fire
Begin Again

01. Scratch That Bitch
02. Lift Me Up
03. Tonight Belongs To You
04. Done For The Day
05. For You
06. Keep Me Close
07. Heart Of Stone
08. You'll Never Be Lonely Again
09. Another Step In The Dark
10. Call My Name
11. Can't Stand It
12. Wheels Of Fire (European Bonus Track)

Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri - Vocals
Stefano Zeni - Guitars
Federico De Biase - Keyboards
Marcello Suzzani - Bass
Fabrizio Uccellini - Drums

Hollywood Rocks (2010)
Up for Anything (2012)

Gianluca Ferro - Guitar Solo
Ivan Ciccarelli - Percussion
Susanna Pellegrini - Backing Vocals
Maryan - Backing Vocals
Marcello Spera - Backing Vocals
Matteo Liberati - Backing Vocals

Produced by Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri
Mixed & mastered by Roberto Priori
Graphics & design by Aeglos Art
Band photos by Rita Granato

Released 2019-06-07
Reviewed 2019-06-07

burning minds group

Very few album are played much after they are reviewed and I think the percentage is very low in the melodic rock/hardrock genre as there are so much released there. But Wheels of Fire’s latest album Up for Anything is one of those albums that I still play quite often, I have it on a USB-stick in my car where I keep some great music that I play when I don’t feel like listening to albums for review. So naturally I was quite excited about this new album by the Italians, it has been a long wait, which probably is the reason for the title. Begin Again might be a fitting title considering that the band has been silent on the album front for quite a while now, Up for Anything was released in 2012 so it is seven years ago. And this new album certainly looks nice, and I can assure you that it sounds nice as well.

Melodic rock/hardrock, AOR, catchy, guitar driven with great vocals and some strong choruses are some things that you can say about this album. It has excellent sound and the vocalist is brilliant are other things. The variation of the album is good but keeps within the parameters of the genre and that might be the slight weakness, the lack of really fresh ideas but those who liked the previous stuff by the band will certainly think that this album has been worth the wait. There are some strong hit potential here and like the predecessor there are several songs that would be great on the radio, like the single/video tracks Scratch that Bitch and This Night Belongs to You along with some more.

So, it may be built on the tried and tested but the craftsmanship is so great that it doesn’t matter as it is so very enjoyable to listen to such wonderful songs. Sure, there were some that stood out even more on the previous album but when hearing tracks like the ones I mentioned before and Done For the Day it is like hearing brilliance and I think this album should make it to my car USB, there is still room for a few more albums on it. And I also think that it was worth waiting fore, sure they could have outdone themselves but how easy is that with such a fine album in the baggage? They make a fine sequel, that much is certain and if you liked the previous albums you will like this one as well.

Highly recommended album! And that means to you! And you! I think it is an album well worth checking out and I am quite sure that most people will find it most appealing, I know I do and it stands out in terms of the sheer quality of craftsmanship, a great melodic hardrock album that gives plenty of musical brilliance. So lets burnout so hard that we set the wheels on fire and drive around enjoying this fine album for a while and then I think we might be done for the day – or we could begin again.





Label: Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group
Three similar bands: Firmo/Vega
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Review: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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