Walls of Blood

1. Leave This World Behind
2. Discordia
3. Waiting To Die
4. Blood Sacrifice Ritual
5. Tanished Dream
6. Walls Of Blood
7. The Fault Of Man
8. Dark Lords Of Sleep
9. Junkhead
10. Seven Spirits

Glen Drover - guitars, keyboards
Scott Barrymore - drums
Chris Myles - bass


Joe Dibiase - bass
Nils K Rue - vocals
Todd La Torre - vocals
Chuck Billy - vocals
Henning Basse - vocals
Tim Owens - vocals
Matt Cuthbertson - vocals
Dan Cleary - vocals
Lance Harvill - vocals

Produced and engineered by Glen Drover
Mastered by Dave Otero
Artowrk by Mario Lopez, Claudio Brenig
Photography by Alex Santillo

Released 2019-02-22
Reviewed 2019-03-08


Walls of Blood, what kind of name is that for a band? Do you think it is good? I think it is very ridiculous, but I guess I am not one of those that are supposed to be impressed and buy this album. This is the debut album by this project that is put together by Glen Drover, a guy who was in Megadeth once; he shares a writing credit for one Megadeth song. He also collaborated with Geoff Tate after he was fired from Queensrÿche but never did anything because of musical differences that appeared about two months into the collaboration. He has appeared with big names but has been an also-ran and never really contributed to them so why try to sell it. It is like I use all the things I have in my CV and blow it out of proportion being Chairman of the board of a company, manager over several departments in another company, editor in chief, freelance journalist and many other things that are true but not really accurate, kind of like Drover in Megadeth, King Diamond, Testament and Geoff Tate. He founded Eidolon, so he has contributed to bands before creating this one. But marketing is one thing, how about the album?

Stylewise it offers nothing new, nothing we haven’t heard before. It is power metal with a slight touch of thrashy metal and progressive metal, with several good singers and such they can appear quite varied. They are however; strangely static considering the use of so many singers, and those singers are not as good as some of their other appearances. The sound is also rather unspectacular, they are probably somewhere around an imaginary average for the genre. But at least the album is kept rather short and that is always a good thing, especially for albums that aren’t the most dynamic ever made.

It is not a bad album, the songs are okay and none of them can be said to be really bad. The problem Walls of Blood are facing is the same as many others are facing, others have done what they do and they have done it better, many times. The problem is that they do not stand out compared with their competition; I would claim that they are rather average. And I would say that the album Imperium is one that can be safely overlooked, if you decide to skip it and then hear it some time later you will not feel like you have been missing something. It is not that amazing, sure it isn’t bad but that can be said about many things.

I guess the buyers could be collectors of power metal or fans of Drovers other band Eidolon, the rest of us will do just as well without ever hearing this album. Sure you will probably not be overly disappointed if you buy this album but you probably will not play it too much. I guess I just don’t really like the walls bloody.






Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Metalium/Firewind/Eidolon

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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