Vision Quest

1. The Quest Begins
2. Medieval Hero
3. The Sacred Crown
4. Valley of the Lost
5. The Eve of the Battle
6. Avathar
7. Immortal
8. Evil Laughter
9. Eternal Love
10. Master of Hopes
11. All These Years
12. Lost in Time
Bonus Tracks:
13. Dragons Of Tomorrow
14. The Run

Guido Ponzi - lead and backing vocals
Marco Bartoli - keyboards, bass guitars, instruments sequencing
Emiliano Belletti - electric guitars


David Putney: speech in The quest begins.
Silvia Saccani: vocals and backing vocals in Eternal Love.
Mirko Pratissoli: sax solo in Avatar and Lost in Time.
Ilaria Cavalca: piano in Avatar and The Eve of the Battle.
Stefano Riccò: acoustic guitar in The Eve of the Battle
Luke “Hollywood” Barbieri: metal guitars in Eternal Love, Lost in Time, All
these Years.
Johnatan Gasparini: guitar lead in Master of Hopes.
Alfredo Pergreffi: clean guitar in Eternal Love.
Helder Stefanini: drums.

Produced by Marco Bartoli and Guido Ponzi
Mixed by Stefano Riccò at Esagono Studios
Mastered by Giovanni Versari (Muse) at "La Maestà" Studio

Released 2018-12-14
Reviewed 2019-01-25


Today, like yesterday, I write about a band that looks back. Sure, every band looks for inspiration in the past but the more interesting ones also have a vision for something they want to do, something of their own. These guys are clearly inspired by bands like Magnum and Kansas, and seem intent on doing something very similar. And that is from a band who’s debut album looks like something from the power metal genre, and they are Italian so even more reason to believe that they are of the power metal variety, but at least they are epic.

It is symphonic rock/AOR on offer here, a bit like the seventies. It is not really an album that breaks new ground, more a band that does the tried and tested. The vocalist has a bit more authority than the usual in the genre, darker voice. Decent production as well, sounds like a modernised vision of the seventies but I have heard better. I think that the variation is quite alright as well but the album is far too long with a playing time well over the hour, that is just too much.

A good album with good tracks, nice melodies and good atmospheres, I think that there is a lot to like on this album. The vocalist could have been better, the album shorter and more original but I don’t think anyone who buys this album will be disappointed. Perhaps the album could have had a more distinct and definitive hit song, the songs are good but none of them really stand out. And it also helps if you enjoy the more retro styled rock music as they aren’t exactly bringing anything new to the scene.

I recommend this album called Vision Quest to those with the vision well aimed at the past and never really looking forward. It is an album that works, that can be quite enjoyable, it may not be what the cover suggests but it works.






Label: Rockshots Records
Three similar bands: Magnum/Kansas/Asia

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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