Legend of the Starborn

01. Rise Again
02. Starborn
03. Guiding Light
04. Winds Of Asgard
05. Outcasts Of Eden
06. Sail Away
07. The Prophecy
08. Warrior Of The North
09. Gates Of Hell
10. Freedom Vikings
11. Lament
12. To The Gods
13. United We Stand

Anders Sköld – Vocals/Guitar
Samuel Lundström – Guitar
Joel Kollberg – Drums
Kristoffer Lidre – Bass

Live Forever (EP 2013)
Gladiator's Tale (2015)
Into the Void (2016)

Tommy Johansson - vocals tr. 4
Paul Logue - narration tr. 7
Patrik Selleby - vocals tr. 10

Recorded by Ronny Milianowicz
Mastered by Fascination Street Studios
Artwork by by Thomas Holmstrand

Released 2018-11-27
Reviewed 2019-01-10

sliptrick records

Legent of the Starborn is the new effort by Swedish band Veonity, their third album. It is a conceptual album that continues what they had on Into the Void. It is a kind of sci-fi concept that features Vikings and aliens and things like that. And it is an album that features some relatively known names from the Swedish metal scene, so it should be good and I have given the album’s thirteen tracks a few goes now.

The music is power metal. It is catchy power metal, plain and simple. No alarms and no surprises, I guess you could describe it as that. The songs are often pretty high paced and catchy choruses is a thing that these guys like, it is an easy album to get into. They have put together a pretty decent production and the variation is more or less what you can expect from something of the power metal genre. I also think it sounds a bit Swedish. And that the album is a long one where the thirteen tracks sets you back well over an hour, that is quite a long time.

It is good. The songs are good, they are catchy and easy to like. But there are some reservations, like the fact that they don’t really break any kind of new ground and other have done what they do better. The power metal isn’t exactly a genre where there have been few albums produced over the years and it will keep getting more and more difficult to make something that stands out, and I don’t really think that these guys offer anything really outstanding.

If you like power metal you will like this album, as it is a solid and quite strong album of that genre – it is not legendary but it is good, I like it even though I will most likely forget it very soon. It really ends strongly; I think that the last track United We Stand is a really good one – a strong power metal anthem to end a good album that will not make any power metal fan disappointed. Short and simple.





Label: Sliptrick Records
Three similar bands: Cryonic Temple/Sabaton/Metalium

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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