VA Rocks
I Love VA Rocks

1. Nmftg Intro
2. No More Fucks To Give
3. The Code Of The Road
4. Gonna Get You
5. Woman
6. Rebel Blood
7. Hit The Road
8. Romeo & Juliet
9. Here Comes Trouble
10. Never In A Million Years

Ida Svensson Vollmer - Guitars, Vocals
Klara Wedding - Bass, Backing Vocals
Frida Rosén - Drums, Vocals

Kiss This (EP 2014)
Pull No Punches (2016)

Cim Dahlie - 2nd guitar, vocals on tr. 6
Magnus Norrenberg - Piano on tr. 7
Jake Lundtofte - guirar solo on tr. 8
Johan Börnå-Lindén - contra bass on 10

Recorded at Dead Rat Studios, Aarhus & Studio Stry, Malmö
Produced by Jacob Bredahl, VA Rocks & Jake Lundtofte
Mastered by Tue Madsen
Artwork by Kerry BomB

Released 2019-10-18
Reviewed 2019-10-30


Three Swedish girls who apparently love themselves are releasing their third album, and there is no reason why these girls shouldn’t love themselves or their music. This is their second album, they have one album and one EP in the discography and this new album certainly looks interesting. And for this album the trio offers ten tracks and lots of attitude even though I think they are lying in the second track, I think they have many more fucks to give – at least many more fucking albums, I hope.

Classic rock’n’roll with a fair bit of punk rock tendencies is how this album can be described. They have lots of attitude and energy in the songs, plenty of catchiness and emotion. They go with tried and tested concept with simple songs that press all the right buttons, and a good singer that brings out the best in the songs. There is good enough variation in the album and it is short enough to keep anyone listening for the entirety of the album.

Impressive stuff, sure you could argue that they don’t really offer anything new or something like that but they stick to concept that always work and it doesn’t quite matter that you have heard the style many times, it is still good. The attitude and the really good songs makes this album worthwhile, and I think that the best songs are Gonna Get You, Hit The Road and Romeo & Juliet. None of those songs offers anything fresh and you can probably think of at least one song where you have heard almost the same exact melodies, but it doesn’t matter, as those songs are quite great.

I think you ought to check out this one, it is a great album with no weaknesses. And it is nice that it is a band of ladies as well, as there are way too few of the ladies in the rock and metal world. Don’t miss this one.





Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Runaways/Danko Jones/Girlschool

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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