1. Prelude to Infinity
2. History
3. Lullaby
4. Guardians of Time
5. The Land of Rising Sun
6. Innocence
7. Lonely Rain
8. Revolution Has Begun
9. Seize the Day
10. Turn Back the Night
11. Thousand Tears
12. Learn to Fly (Bonus Track)

Guilherme Hirose – Vocals
Fabio Polato – Guitars
Nelson Hamada – Keyboards
Regis Lima – Bass
Felipe Santos – Drums

Eleazar (EP 2012)
The Great Metal Storm (2014)
Avalon (2016)


Recorded at Hirose’s Place, São Paulo, Brazil
Produced by Guilherme Hirose
Mixed and Engineered by Guilherme Hirose at Hirose’s Place, São Paulo, Brazil
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland
Cover Artwork and booklet design by Jean Michel at
Band Photos by Lucas Giraldi and Thamara Carvalho

Released 2019-07-05
Reviewed 2019-06-30



Does Traumer believe that the new album History will make history? The fifth album by what the press material describes as Brazil’s finest melodic power metal band, conveniently forgetting that bands like Almah, Angra, Dark Avenger and more has done more interesting stuff than Traumer – but I guess that is mostly a matter of taste so I would have written on of before The Finest if I was the press material author. The previous two albums were pretty indifferently received by this webzine, but they get a new chance with this one that has already been released in Japan and will soon be released worldwide by Greek label ROAR!

Musically it is similar to the previous albums, so if you know them you will know this band. They also to have that intangible yet obvious touch that we hear from most Brazilian power metallers. Compared with the previous two albums I would claim that this one sounds slightly fresher but it is still more akin to low-budged sound than in level with the great modern production that top bands of the genre can show. Decent singer, quite catchy, quite melodic, quite according to what can be expected – no surprises. And the album is long, over an hour if you count the bonus track and just short of an hour if you don’t. That is too long, very long playing times are rarely a benefit or more value, more minutes isn’t what makes an album worth your while and this album is another proof of that fact.

Pretty good despite many obvious flaws like cheap sound, too long and too predictable. Those who have enjoyed their previous albums will find this one even better I think, the sound on this one is better than the predecessors and also the songs. But they will not make history; they will probably not even be a footnote in history when music fans and historians look back at this period in time. Well, they could be a footnote or even make history but not with this album, it is not good or exciting enough.

There is some ambivalence on my part towards this album, as I kind of like it as the songs are quite good and so on and I know that there are those who will like it. But in the end I fear that for most part this is an album that will be collecting dust in a shelf or digital dust in the electronic world – it doesn’t stand out enough to really lure the listeners towards it. The conclusion after all those letters will be that it is what I expected when I saw a Traumer promo in the mailbox, I don’t think history will notice History.






Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Three similar ands:
Almah/Angra/Dark Avenger
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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