Transport League
A Million Volt Scream

1. A Million Volt Scream
2. 1200 Goddamned
3. Monster Human
4. Dawn Of Lucifer
5. Vultures
6. Vanished Empire
7. Facedown Bondage
8. Slave In Orbit
9. Creature Grunts
10. Rabid Horizon
11. Shapeshifter
12. Motor Codex

Mattias Starander - Drums
Peter Hunyadi - Guitars
Tony Jelencovich - Guitars, Vocals
Dennis Österdal -Bass

Stallion Showcase (1995)
Superevil (1997)
Satanic Panic (2000)
Grand Amputation (EP 2003)
Multiple Organ Harvest (2003)
Boogie From Hell (2013)
A Diezel Smelling Aftershock (EP 2014)
Napalm Bats & Suicide Dogs (2015)
Twist and Shout at the Devil (2017)


Mixed and produced by Roberto Laghi

Released 2019-09-06
Reviewed 2019-09-20


mighty music

They scream at a million volts but don’t really manage to stir up any emotion in me. I have written about this band before and they have never really impressed, decent albums but ultimately they have been unimpressive. And unimpressive is certainly the only word, or utter garbage, that can be used for the cover art that looks ridiculously bad – who looks at that and thinks; “I want that in my record shelf because it looks so good, just like Sabotage” is there anyone that does? And the music isn’t any more impressive, it is just the same as the previous albums I have reviewed but the titles are different.

No amount of beard makes up for that lack of fresh ideas. The label says that it “takes a lot of mental strength to stay on your chosen path, despite all the imponderables that the music industry entails. Transport League from Sweden are a prime example of determination and perseverance.” Sure they are but it isn’t that hard, look at many other bands in the hardrock and metal genre, they also reuse the same album over and over again – why recycle songs but waste resources to record and create physical copies? It just seems stupid. I remember that I once thought music was a creative endeavour but bands like Transport League make it seem more like craftsmanship like a carpenter or electrician than something artistic.

I am not at all claiming that this is a bad album, the groovy boogie rock with rough vocals and strong production is not bad at all, it is fine craftsmanship. But I am not a fan I am a critic, I am listening critically and having heard several nearly identical albums by Transport League it is really hard to think of many positives when what you listen to feels as fresh as mouldy cat food. No song really stands out to catch my interest and I really have to focus on listening in order to actually be able to tell anything about the music, as the mind tends to start wandering away from this creation after a few seconds.

A million decibel agony scream is what I make if I have to listen to this album again. Only fans of Transport League can think that it is anything more than a major waste of time and resources to care about this. There are so many better choices among the 2019 releases and most of them have better-looking artwork as well. It will be a transport straight into the garbage for this album.






Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Clutch/Corrosion of Conformity/Mustasch
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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