Terrible Headache
Der Rote Baron

1. Die Welt brennt
2. Der rote Baron
3. Egoist
4. Amok
5. in der Grube
6. Der Wind
7. Stosstrupp
8. Der Traum
9. Die neue Welt
10. Der Panther

Markus Merfeld – Guitar & Vocals
Christian Busch – Guitar & Vocals
Ralf Krier – Bass & Vocals
Timo Zenner – Drums

Zeit für Gedanken (1998)



Released 2019-05-17
Reviewed 2019-06-17

boersma records

I have to wonder why a band decides to call itself Terrible Headache, isn’t that a deterrent? Why would anyone listen to music that will give you a headache, and a terrible one at that? The German band behind this moniker begun their existence band in 1990 and released one album in 1998 before calling it quits in 1999 for professional reasons, whatever that is. The got together for a jamming session and subsequently to revive the band in 2015 and now they with their second alum called Der Rote Baron, The Red Baron if you translate the title.

The style is of the thrash metal variety with hardcore, rock, and that sort of thing, and apparently true to the band’s style from the 1990s. And I would say that it sounds a little bit out-dated I think – and the production isn’t the most impressive either, and neither is the vocalist. The album is at least rather short and that’s good as the variation of this album isn’t the largest one. In fact it feels like a usual variety of thrashy songs and nothing very original about it. Having an English band name and German lyrics is probably the most original about them and the artwork is a lot more interesting than the music.

It may not give terrible headache but it isn’t an album that fills anyone with euphoria. It is neither good nor bad this album, I find this to be a rather uninteresting and unexciting release. It may be that the fans that have been waiting for a new release for over 20 years look at it differently, but somehow I doubt it – I am not sure that this album has a very wide appeal. I have to say that my impression is that Der Rote Baron is a rather meaningless release.

To end before I get a terrible headache for trying to write something about this album, I would say that thinking of things to write is as easy as writing a novel about my stereo remote control or a glass of water. Der Rote Baron isn’t a very impressive album for a band that feels kind of lost in the past; time hasn’t been kind to them.






Label: Boersma Records
Three similar bands: Triumph of Death/Kreator/Manfred von Richthofen
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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