Tara Lynch
Evil Enough

1. Evil Enough
2. Antidote
3. Exit the Warrior
4. Kringeworthy
5. Banished from My Kingdom
6. Gui-Tara Rises
7. Unbreakable
8. Enigmati
9. Trustles
10. Feckless

Tara Lynch – lead & background vocals, lead/rhythm guitars, synthesizers


Mark Boals – lead & background vocals
Phil Soussan - bass
Björn Englen – bass
Brent Woods – background vocals, synthesizers
Tony Macalpine – keyboard
Glen Sobel – drums
Vinny Appice – drums

Produced by Brent Woods
Recorded at steakhouse studio & woodworks studio
Engineer, mixing: John Cranfield, Brent Woods
Assistant engineer: Ryan Potesta
Protools engineer: Matt Tuggle
Cover photo reference: Neil Zlozower
Back cover photo: Igor Rockxposure Vidyashev
Cover art and layout: Richard Villa III

Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-03-04


Tara Lynch has assembled quite a group with whom she recorded her debut album, musicians known from some big name bands and artists. But loading up with big names isn’t a guarantee for a good album, and if it isn’t evil enough it might not be particularly successful and may not go down well with the fans. So one question will have to be; is it evil enough? Another question; is it any good? The cover looks fairly evil but also fairly standard, especially the logo and that thing. So lets see what Tara has to offer.

A hardrock/heavy metal album of the classical style, it offers not much in terms of originality other than the use of Mark Boals’ vocals to add variation to Tara’s voice. I think Tara sings well and that Yoda mode is as clever in writing as spelling a song Kringeworthy, it kind of makes you cringe, doesn’t it? Besides that I can write that the album has ten tracks and it plays for a bit over forty minutes, long minutes I think. The variation is okay but perhaps a bit small and I would have liked a bit more depth and soul to keep me interested until the album ends.

Really predictable, is one thing I think about this album, quite good is another thing I think about it. I kind of like it, Tara sings well, the songs are good with decent power and all. The problem with copying what others have already done is that you tend to make a moment of musical fun and then it is forgotten forever, kind of like this album where I don’t think any of the tracks can be described as particularly memorable. Perhaps we could call the track Kringeworthy somewhat memorable, at least it is the best track of the album according to myself.

A solid debut by Tara, a bit stereotypical in most regards but it is good nonetheless. And perhaps we could call it a good start of her discography and hope that she will be a bit braver and add a bit more soul to coming albums. With that we could draw the conclusion that it is an album to really look closer at if you are a fan of the more traditionally styled heavy rock music, while fans who look for more original stuff might find a bit less appealing – I doubt that many will find it bad though so it may be a relatively safe bet and the answer is probably yes.





Label: Cargo Records UK
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Dio/Lita Ford
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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