Svarta Sanningar
Kapitel 1

1. Pentagrammet
2. Demonen
3. Experimentet
4. Nekromantik

Klas Bohlin - vocals
Jonas Persson - guitar
Mattias Lejon - bass
Håkan Carlsson - drums



Recorded and produced by Svarta Sanningar
Mix and master: Mikael Andersson / MRG Produktion
Photography: Tomas Eriksson / Studio Bildbolaget
Illustration (zombies): Jimmy Wallin

Released 2018-11-30
Reviewed 2019-01-23



Svarta Sanningar (Black Truths) is a Swedish rock/metal band. Their first EP Kapitel 1 (Chapter 1) was released on Friday the 30th of November 2018 and can be described as a dirty mix of Joy Division, The Cure, Thåström and dark metal, with vocals in Swedish. That first two sentences are picked from the band’s website, they are a band who has a vision towards a future of horrors and things like that. A positive vision by this group financed by some dodgy medical company. Their first EP, or first chapter is a four-track adventure and it has a pretty decent artwork.

Dark rock with very strong vocals and variation, and I think that they have a fairly fresh sound that the website describes as a script for an Italian horror film – not too bad a description of what we are getting. The variation is good over the four tracks and the depth as well as the atmospheres is good and dark. The tracks are only four so the playing time is not too long but it is only the first chapter and more will probably come.

Good album! I think that it is an album that has quite a lot to offer with good tracks and great atmospheres. It may miss that little extra edge but a good story usually gets better for each passing chapter so I think that this is a promising opener to the story and it could be justified to have high hopes for coming chapters. The tracks are all good, perhaps that opener Pentagrammet is the one I like the best, but none of the tracks stand out from the rest.

I think that we can conclude that this is a good album with some interesting black truths telling us about an interesting future. I like their optimistic theme of the album, with zombies and darkness and whatever. Good stuff! I like these black truths, if you like dark rock music with lyrics in Swedish it is a great album for you to check out.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Beseech/Thåström/The Cure

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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