The Story So Far
Proper Dose

1. Proper Dose
2. Keep This Up
3. Out of It
4. Take Me as You Please
5. Let It Go
6. Upside Dow
7. If I Fall
8. Need to Know
9. Line
10. Growing on You
11. Light Year

Parker Cannon – lead and backing vocals
Kevin Geyer – lead guitar, keyboards
Kelen Capener – bass guitar
Will Levy – rhythm guitar
Ryan Torf – drums, percussion, programming

Under Soil and Dirt (2011)
What You Don't See (2013)
The Story So Far (2015)


Sam Pura – producer and engineer
Eric Valentine – mixing
Brian Gardner – mastering

Released 2018-09-21
Reviewed 2019-01-30


pure noise records

Today we look at The Story So Far and with their fourth album we might have a proper dose of these guys. They took a bit of a hiatus since their latest due to them getting close to being burnt out by the touring, writing and all of that stuff. It is said that they have now grown as persons and as musicians and perhaps they are taking it in proper doses, and it seems to be well received by fans and some of the internet reviewers. So how about it?

It is pop-punk with decent energy and they have a fairly personal style even though they don’t really stand out that much. Pretty good vocalist who sounds pretty much like an archetype for the genre, decent variation over the tracks as well – they keep it short with a 34-minute playing time. It is simple music that is easy to take to and easy to like, I think they will go down well with many fans of the genre and they stay fairly true to form with a slight evolvement if you compare this to what they have done before.

Good album. I think that Proper Dose can be described as a very solid album with good tracks and decent energy. I like it; it is a pretty good album. The songs are short and they have a fair deal of energy, it is a good thing that they keep the tracks short and distinct. But I also think that the album lacks standout tracks and I don’t think that it is particularly memorable. It works but can also be described as somewhat forgettable; you kind of play it and then forget it. The beginning is better than the ending, I kind of loose interest towards the end of the album.

Fans of the band will find this album most appealing, and the same will probably be true for those enjoying the pop-punk genre as well. For the wider music audience I am not sure that it is good enough or exciting enough to really stand out, it will probably pass by unnoticed. So it is a good but ultimately not a very memorable album.




Label: Pure Noise Records
Three similar bands: Turnover/Hellions/The Wonder Years

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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