Spy # Row
Blood Brothers

1. Blood Brothers
2. I Ain't Falling
3. Follow Your Dreams
4. Every Day Counts
5. If You Say You Love Me
6. Forever
7. Nowhere To Run
8. My Chance
9. You Are Not Alone
10. Heartbreaker
11. We Not Go Quietly

Sam Niklas Jäger - vocals, bass
Tim Louis Jäger - guitar, vocals
Arian Gerhardt drums, vocals




Released 2019-04-26
Reviewed 2019-04-30

fastball music

There are blood brothers on the debut album by the band called Spy # Row, a silly name by the way. The debut album is called Blood Brothers and it has a pretty boring cover, but lets not get bogged down by silly band names and bad cover arts before getting into the music. The music of this band that is a young band where the guys been performing for 14 years and known one another since birth, in that regard they are described as unique in the press material. I am not so sure about the uniqueness claim but I know that English in not really their forte, just look at the title of the last song to see wording that is not quite correct, but then again Germans do not always do wording like the best of us.

There is more strange grammar in the lyrics, kind of like my own writing I suppose. But like the band English is not my first language but that doesn’t prevent them or me from creating texts in that language. The singer sounds a bit like the Tesla singer, and Tesla is a band that can be used for comparison but so can many other bands, like Maiden and several more that doesn’t need specifying here as that would just waste space and letters. Their sound is pretty modern, the variation over the songs can be said to be fairly decent and the playing time is a but long but not unbearably long. Decent singer and sound are good things; relatively catchy songs should also make the band appealing to the casual crowds. There are probably a number of tracks that can work for the spotify generations.

The album is fairly good, or good – it depends on your outlook. It is not an exciting album from the creative standpoint, what these guys do have been done many times before. The songs are of a variety we have heard before and there isn’t much in terms of novelty to be heard here, the songs seems almost familiar from the first time I hear them. But they do what they do well and many of their songs would work in the playlists or whatever people listen to today in their stupid phones or whatever. But as an album it doesn’t always stand up and as a critic it is hard not to see some flaws.

I think that this is pretty good and enjoyable album to listen to, it is easy to like and simple enough but it is also an album you grow tired of pretty quickly. You could say that it is an album that doesn’t have the longevity of the greater albums I have heard. It is hardly fantastic but at least it is better than the dull name and cover would seem to indicate, pretty good debut.




Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Tesla/Iron Maiden/Riotgod
Rating: HHH
HHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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