The Soapgirls
Elephant in the Room

Disk 1
1. One Way Street
2. Bitter
3. White Flag
4. Chains [Explicit]
5. Charlie Brown
6. Ex Girlfriend
7. Girl Next Door [Explicit]
8. Fall Down
9. I Stand Alone [Explicit]
10. Bonus Track One Way Street (French)
Disk 2
1. My Development (feat. Redd Valentino Debray) [Explicit]
2. Filthy Little Liar
3. Sugar Gets You High (feat. Redd Valentino Debray) [Explicit]
4. Fade to Black
5. Catch Release Kill
6. In the Name of God [Explicit]
7. Drown
8. Hate Breeds
9. Bonus Track Sugar Gets You High (French)

Noemie Debray - guitars, vocals
Camille Debray - bass, vocals
Daniel Ryan - drums

Calls For Rebellion (2016)
Society's Rejects (2017)

Redd Valentino Debray

All songs written, arranged, composed, preformed, produced by Camille Debray and Noemie

Released 2019-07-12
Reviewed 2019-08


Elephant in the room is what it appears to be the case at my neighbours, either they are elephants or they are breeding elephants in their place – it sounds like either of those. Perhaps that is what the title for these soapy girls is about, or it may be something else. It is their third album for these sisters that are society’s rejects that calls for rebellion, and now place an elephant in the room – it might be the nudity that seems to be more like an attempt at selling themselves than a statement of individuality.

The music is pop-punk, songs that are simple and easy to like with catchy choruses and plenty of hit potential. Decent variation over nineteen tracks where there are some bonus tracks that are sung in French, the girls are born in France according to the information in the press material so I guess that strange language comes natural for them. The production is good and shows energy and the vocals are quite decent as well, but there is nothing really fresh or original about it, not even the sexy cover – if you start analysing the album it is actually pretty boring, but why analyse? People seem to be incapable of doing that these days.

Entertaining and good is probably a viable view about this album, the songs are quite good and it is a fairly likeable album – unless you want to analyse it more closely because then it looses much of its appeal. I especially think the songs in French are nice and something of a highlight, but it is a nice album to listen to for a while even though it may not be very impressive. I think that if you like poppy punk rock it is an album for you to check out as these girls have some attitude, I just with that they dared to think a little more outside the box.

Totally agreeable, not fantastic – worth checking out and fun to listen to but not very memorable, that makes it a good but also fairly average release in the end. I was considering higher ratings for a while, then debating the rating with myself but when analysing the album it is hard to give anything but a rating in the middle of the scale. These soapy girls are pretty good but I think they have polished their music a little bit too much – perhaps a bit less soap would have been preferable.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Tegan and Sara/Sum 41/Feeder

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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