(But, at What Cost??!)

1. Dodging Bullets
2. Feel Inhuman
3. World Gone Mad
4. Wise Up
5. Black Sunset
6. You’re Fine
7. Done My Best

Speed - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Codey - Lead Guitar
Danno - Drums
Sam Sour - Bass

Devil's In The Details (2013)
Never Too Late (2015)
Out Of The Box (2016)
Lighten Up (2017)



Released 2019-02-15
Reviewed 2019-03-13


Silvertung asks at what cost, the cost of the 24-minute EP/album release they have put out now or something else? Perhaps the cost of the cover, that isn’t too impressive. The band is American and hopes to reach further than their native nation with this new release, the fifth release from them – the first was released in 2013. They are compared with bands like Disturbed or Godsmack, modern hardrock, Nu-Metal, that sort of thing that can go down well with fans if done well. So how about these guys, will the new album help them get noticed more?

In terms of style they aren’t really that different compared with many others, the similar bands is a good reference. Modern American rock, Nu-Metal, that sort of thing is how it sounds. Decent variation and depth, very sensible playing time with 24 minutes split on seven tracks. It is easily accessible and easy to like with good production and vocals, they make their music with lots of confidence and the songs feels very well crafted. It is probably an album that can work and gain them some mainstream recognition, especially if they promote it with the catchier material.

I think that this is a good release, not fantastic but it has its moments of glory and no real weakness. I think the track You’re Fine is rather great and really enjoyable, a standout track on this album. The rest of the tracks don’t make as much impact, they are good but don’t really do that much for me when listening but that mentioned track is a good lure into the album. I do however think that it needs something more to be considered an outstanding album, but even so, it is probably an album that is worth checking out if you like music that is comparable to the similar bands or what Silvertung has done before.

I think that this is an album that has a pretty lame title but a lot better music. I like it and have enjoyed playing through this album plenty of time, it has some great moments that makes it worth giving a shot. But while this album works well I am also fairly certain that Silvertung never really will change the world of music if they keep making stuff like this. Then again, you don’t really need to change the world of music to make something worth listening to.





Label: Thermal Entertainment LLC 
Three similar bands:
Disturbed/Linkin Park/Godsmack
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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