Songs for the Firing Squad

1. 911 Call: “Help I’ve Overdosed on Philosophy!”
2. Self Help Specialist Ends Own Life
3. I Am a Trans-Continental Railroad, Please Run a Train on Me
4. Stop Calling Us Screamo
5. You Don’t Understand the Liquor Is Calling the Shots Now Randy BoBandy
6. You Can’t Get Goose Justice in Fox Court, Just Spit on the Judge
7. Atrocities From a Story Book Perspective
8. An Introduction for People Who Hate Introductions
9. Jimmy Buffett Doesn’t Even Surf
10. Soap Opera Stardom Is a Single Is a Single Tear Drop Away
11. Pep Talk From a Nihilist
12. Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware
13. Absolutely Absolute Absolution

Jesse Price - guitar
Timmy Moreno - bass
Connie Sgarbossa - vocals
Ethan Sgarbossa - drums




Released 2019-03-08
Reviewed 2019-06-26

pure noise records

They forgot the spaces in their name, this American band that has put together a compilation that is their first release on Pure Noise Records. They have done some smaller stuff before and this collects pieces of that I think. They call their music “sasscore” which is another way of describing hardcore or any of the hardcore sub-genres and nothing really sassy or exciting, the best thing about it is that it is short.

I have seen this described as hardcore, mathcore and things like that – hardcore is probably the thing with aggressive screams and quite noisy. The tempo is high and the variation is non-existent, it is an album that doesn’t really go anywhere or bring anything new to the table. We have heard this kind of stuff before, many times. It isn’t a particularly imaginative album. But at least it is short with about eighteen minutes of playing time, which are more than enough minutes to get through.

Not a very sassy or exciting album, quite boring actually and I cannot say that I am impressed. Now, I am not an aficionado of the hardcore genre so it may be that those who are see it slightly differently but I did notice a few quite negative reviews and texts about this album when researching this album. I did also find some positive ones so there might be some merit to this album, at least for some people.

So in the end I think that the best part of this album is that it is short, it means you don’t have to suffer for long. If you like hardcore stuff you might find this album quite agreeable but there is a pretty big chance that you will dislike this album. The song titles are better than the songs, even though the titles aren’t that great. It is an album that would be better off not heard.






Label: Pure Noise Records
Three similar bands: Nuvolascura/The Fall of Troy/Orchid

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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