Behind the World

1. Behind The World
2. Fight For Love (feat. Yannis Papadopoulos)
3. Sweet Desire
4. Mirror On The Wall

George Rain - vocals, guitars
Andy Mons – guitars
Petri Kallio - bass, backing vocals
Pavel Dvorak – keyboards
Lucas R. – drums

Tears of White Roses (2010)
Dark Chambers of Déjà vu (2015)
Act of Creation (2018)

Yannis Papadopoulos - vocals

Recorded by Petri Kallio in Dark Chamber Sounds studio, Úpice (CZ)
Mixed and mastered by Andy Mons

Released 2019-02-01
Reviewed 2019-03-30


pride & joy

Behind the world is where Sebastien goes to find the inspiration for their new EP called Behind the World. It is the fourth Sebastien release we review here at Hallowed, most of them have received the rating in the middle of the scale, but the debut was seen as very fine. This new one is a digital only release so it is not a preferable thing for myself as I don’t care much for digital releases or the EP-format as that often gives too little and rarely lends itself to a good sense of completion and interaction between the songs. But what about this one are Sebastien the exception or do they stick to the rules?

Well, their music is melodic hardrock/metal, this EP does not really divert much from the earlier albums that I have written about. The final song is a ballad that feels a bit powerless and tired, a slow ending to the album. There is more energy and such through the first three songs. But with a playing time of just sixteen minutes it is hard to really feel like you are getting their best. But the vocals are pretty good, the production as well. The EP feels a tad short and the problems of repeating it is that it feels repetitive very fast as the songs have that character.

I think that the opening track of this EP is rather excellent, and the ending ballad is really boring – between those two we get two pretty good but not very memorable tracks. Therefore it is pretty hard not to award the middle rating of our scale, I think this EP in the end becomes pretty average with some good listening but noting that will be really memorable. I think the Czechs continue down the same route as they have been threading for most of their career and this EP will probably do absolutely nothing to change your opinion of the band.

If they are looking to make an album some time down the road I think that the only track that they can use on that album would be the opening title track, none of the others would be interesting enough for a good album. Behind the World is a release that will appeal to the ones that are already fans of the band, the rest of us will probably find it good but not really that exciting.






Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Nightwish/Sonata Arctica/Avantasia

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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