Shot of Pain

1. Used Nerves feat. Grayssoker
2. I Hate You feat. VDREY
3. My Wish
4. Fuck Buddy
5. Drugs are Sins feat. VIDRAY and K.B
6. Raw Fucking Power feat. VDREY
7. Fake World
8. House of Misery feat. Grayssoker
9. La Musique me Rend Sourd feat. K.B
10. I’M Your God
11. Bitch
12. Shot of Pain

Guitarfox - guitar
Sandy Dynamite - live dancer/performer
Franz Schultz - vocals and machines
Artsoudmix - sound mixing and sound production

BioMeKaniKal (2007)
Psykiatrik Area (2008)
War n’Sex (2009)
Schultz (2011)
Animals Are Better Than Humans (2014)
Raw Fucking Power (EP 2017)


All tracks recorded, mixed, produced by Artsoundmix Studios (Nice)
Mastering by QFG Studios

Released 2019-05-06
Reviewed 2019-07-16


Something that is being compared with artists like Revolting Cocks and Pigface can’t really be good, can it? Well, that is what I was about to find out about when taking on the new album by Schultz. Schultz that apparently has been changed from a solo project into a band for this album called Shot of Pain; it is an album that hasn’t a very interesting cover.

The music isn’t the most common; it is a blend of industrial metal and electronic music, kind of like a rave thing or something like that. Quite heavy with lots of electronics, some grunty and angry vocals and relatively diverse musical premise that tends to blend into the feel of a single track going on forever. The album is about 45 minutes long but it feels a lot longer than that when listening to it, and because the tracks melt together it tends to feel like there is not depth or variation as well – but there is if you really start looking for it.

It is doubtful that this album will have a wide appeal to music fans of all categories, I think that it will actually appeal to the small number that actually likes this particular style of music and it will alienate most other music fans. I don’t think I fit into the category that will like this album because I tend to think that it is really poor. But there are plusses in the fact that they are at least fairly original, too bad original don’t automatically means good but at least they do their own thing and that is always positive as there are way too many that just copy what others have done before, at least Schultz has a somewhat original approach.

If you like electronic music combined with industrial metal there is a chance that you will like this so if you fit that description you ought to check this one out. But there is no guarantee for that and it is not an album that will be anywhere close to Hallowed’s top lists over 2019.





Label: BLC Productions
Three similar bands: Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Pigface
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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