Sad Planet
Akron, Ohio

1. Just Landed
2. Not of This World
3. Yesterday Girls
4. City Ghosts
5. Bad Cells
6. Want You to Want You
7. (Falling Into the Arms of a) Refugee
8. Long Goodbye
9. Heaven's Devils
10. Dissappearing

John Petkovic - vocals, guitar
Patrick Carney - drums, keys, bass, etc.


J Mascis

Producers: Dave Donnelly & Bob Rock

Released 2019-04-19
Reviewed 2019-05-04

tee pee records

I have never visited any sad planets, neither have I visited Akron in Ohio and I should probably be happy about that. The duo who call their new musical endeavour Sad Planets give us the debut Akron, Ohio and it looks like something from a sad little town. The guys themselves being from Akron have experience from many different bands in the alternative rock genres and similar things to that. So, what about this debut then, that takes us to Akron, a Midwestern industrial city that was blooming and then declining, kind of like most of the united states.

It is an alternative rock album, not much more to say about it really. Some pop influences and at times it brings to mind the sensation of being like a film soundtrack. Not very different or creative in terms of the musical, experimental was something I read in the press material; I have no idea where that idea came from. The music feels kind of dated with a soundscape that could have been from the late eighties or early nineties, a though that comes to mind is that they could have worked more to create a production that feels strong and interesting and not just bland. I think the album gives the feel of being rather long, this is despite it being fairly varied, but I think the lack of dynamics and energy makes it seem longer than it is. Much longer than it is.

Kind of a sad and tired affair this, it needs more dynamics, more energy and a little bit more of many things. Originality is lacking and that lack of novelty makes the album harder to embrace. The lack of strong songs is also a negative and while the album isn’t really bad it lacks ideas, energy and that quality that good albums have. I think that Akron, Ohio is a rather pointless thing that may or may not appeal to those who enjoy the similar bands or those bands where the members appear – I cannot really say as I think that album is too dull to really listen to.

No, I don’t think that it is a bad album in the regard that what they do is appalling or anything like that, it is just that they don’t really offer anything of consequence. I don’t feel anything when listening and the album never really grabs my attention, it just is there and sounds like something I don’t really listen to and then it ends without me really having heard anything of what is on. I think that a major improvement is needed if these guys wants to be anything more than two guys calling themselves Sad Planet who made inconsequential music that no one really cares about.






Label: Tee Pee Records
Three similar bands:
The Black Keys/Cobra Verde/Sweet Apple
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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