01 Never Enough
02 Keep on dreaming
03 Soldiers of Love
04 We can make it
05 Secret Room
06 Better Day
07 Turn it Around
08 The Only Way
09 Another Night
10 Right by your side

Thomas Lundgren - Vocals
Magnus Nelin - Guitars
Hansi Fellbrink - Bass
Mats Nelin - Drums

Hearts keep on burning (EP 1987)
Fool for your love (EP 1988)
Only the strong (EP 1990)
Better late than never (2010)


Produced by Chris Rehn
Mixed and mastered at Boxroom Studios

Released 2019-03-22
Reviewed 2019-03-10

black lodge

Today I play the Roulette, a band from Sundsvall in Sweden who are releasing an album called Now. I did review them some time ago when the album Better Late than Never was released by Yesterrock, it was an album that was positively reviewed by us, so what about Now? Well, the cover isn’t overly attractive but lets see if they have found a winning formula for the music.

Melodic rock/hardrock or AOR is how we can describe it in terms of style, they are true to the format and it would appear as though they have dusted off the old AOR For Dummies book that I refer to every now and then. They press the right buttons with really catchy songs and strong melodies, good production and a decent vocalist. It is music that most likely will appeal to the genre fans as it does its thing as it is supposed to and we get the regular variety of songs and a decent playing time. I think that we can clearly say that these guys know their craft really well and this album is a testament to that.

The albums comes with selling points that claims that the have supported guys like Status Quo, Dan Reed Network to name a few big names they have supported to gain big stage experience. But that isn’t really a seller of this album is it? I wonder why labels keeps using their stage experience to sell albums; instead they can claim that they have put together a melodic rock album without any major flaws. With good and catchy songs that invite you to sing along this album is bound to be liked by those enjoying the melodic rock genre. Their problem might be the one that all bands today have, the one of multitude, it is hard to be excited about one more melodic rock album when you have at least thirty among the unread promos in the mailbox.

While I might not be too excited about the album I can still enjoy listening to it. The songs are as I stated good with decent hit potential but none of them really take off to the highest of highs. Therefore the conclusion will have to be that Now is a good and solid album but it isn’t really the jackpot I was hoping it would be.





Label: Black Lodge/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Def Leppard/Journey/Europe

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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