Rockett Love
Greetings from Rocketland

1. Back On My Feet
2. Bite The Bullet
3. I Want Out
4. Get Ready, Go!
5. Take Me Home
6. King For One Day
7. Writing On The Wall
8. Reaching Out
9. Like An Endless Distant Sky
10. Wait
11. A Heart Without A Soul

Daniel Samuelsson - lead vocals
Stefan Westerlund - guitar, vocals
Gustaf Eklund - guitar, vocals
Dennis Vestman - bass, vocals
Fredrik Ahlin - drums, percussion, vocals

Grab the Rocket (2017)


Produced by Erik Martensson

Released 2019-08-30
Reviewed 2019-08-19

aor heaven

Not the best of band names I have seen, but it is a Swedish AOR band so that isn’t the biggest surprise I have experienced as a music critic. Greetings from Rocketland is the band’s second album and it offers a pretty drab artwork but the music is what it is all about and it is fairly typical AOR – really well produced as Erik Mårtensson has been playing with the knobs and buttons.

It is AOR of the fairly typical variety with catchy choruses, distinct melodies, and a good vocalist but fairly typical for the genre. That same thing can be said about the selection of songs, they are quite typical of the genre and the excitement of a new album diminishes quickly when hearing this album a few times. But it is an album that is easy to like and it presses the right buttons for those who are into the AOR genre. The playing time is rather sensible as well, so they do it by the book, no alarms and no surprises as a band once very cleverly sung – something that is true for most music and movies these days.

Decent album, in fact it is a good album with good tracks – quite enjoyable. No bad tracks on the album, they are all fairly catchy and relatively entertaining. But the album lacks a bit in novelty and you will grow tired of it pretty quickly, we have all heard what they are offering before, and many times even so from that standpoint it isn’t the most exciting album I have ever heard before.

So it is good, you till like it if you are a fan of the AOR genre. And you will especially like excellent opening tracks that sets a strong tone for the album, it is only too bad that the rest of the tracks isn’t of the same calibre as that opener. It may not be very memorable but the songs are good and the album works pretty well. These greetings are pretty good but they are also fast forgotten.





Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Last Autumn's Dream/Heartbreak Radio/Houston

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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