Rob Moratti

1. You Are The One
2. Let Me Be The One
3. Best of Me
4. Lift You Up
5. Hold On To Love
6. I Let You In
7. It’s Time To Go
8. Many Come Home
9. I Don’t Want To Wait Forever
10. It Hurts To Be I Love

Rob Moratti - vocals
Torben Enevoldsen - guitars
Fredrik Bergh - keyboards
Stu Reid - drums
Tony Franklin - Bass

Desolation (1995)
Legends of Tomorrow (1997)
Victory (2011)
Transcendent (2016)


Produced by Rob Moratti
Mixed by Rob Moratti and Torben Enevoldsen
Mastered by Rob Moratti
Artwork by Ingo Ertl

Released 2019-06-21
Reviewed 2019-05-25

aor heaven

It is strange how they do such a major deal about Moratti having sung for Saga, sure they are quite significant band but Moratti did only one studio album with them and that isn’t too much. Nevertheless, he must be good, as Saga would not want a singer that isn’t great. He was also in the band Final Frontier and has some solo albums under his belt as well. We reviewed the album he released in 2011 and it was recommended, the debut album arrived long ago so he has been around for quite a while this good old Rob. So what about his new album Renaissance, is a musical renaissance for Moratti and his music?

It is melodic rock or AOR if you prefer that term, catchy hardrock with choruses that stick to the mind and strong melodies. The production is very strong and the vocals are really good as well. Moratti has a fairly typical type of voice for the genre but I would think that he ranks among the better of the vocalists in the genre and his voice does a lot for this album and its songs. The variation of the songs is fairly typical for an album of this variety, it has decent depth and the playing time is sensible enough to prevent the album from giving the sense of being too long or boring.

The lack of originality can be described as a weakness here, Moratti is not really a creative artist but more of a craftsman and that is something he shares with most musicians. And if you are not to be an artist in the music world, your albums will have to be outstanding in their craftsmanship to compensate for the lack of creativity and originality. This album certainly is outstanding in many regards with really strong songs all the way through and there is a lot of hit potential here. If you like the melodic rock, the AOR or whatever else you would like to call it, this should be an album to check out, as you will probably find it most appealing.

It may not be a renaissance in terms of the music; it is the same old stuff being offered again. Many will like that of course and I know I will as well, even though I miss some more creative thinking it is still a really strong album with great songs and that is enough to make this album feel good enough to check out. It also makes it feel good enough to recommend, you should have a look at this album.






Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Radioactive/Toto/Foreigner

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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