The Riven

1. The Serpent
2. Far Beyond
3. Edge Of Time
4. Shadow Man
5. Finnish Woods
6. Fortune Teller
7. I Remember
8. Leap Of Faith
9. Sweet Child

Charlotta Ekebergh - vocals
Olof Axegärd - drums
Max Ternebring - bass
Arnau Díaz - guitar

Blackbird (EP 2017)


Recorded with Ola Ersfjord in Madrid
Artwork by Maarten Donders

Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-06-27

the sign records

Retro rock and metal is the thing for many nowadays; they want new versions of the stuff of the past. The Riven is a Swedish band that relocated from the UK and this is their self-titled debut album, they have released an EP in 2017 and now they have come up with nine songs for this one. They have also come up with a pretty good artwork and the press material is a very extensive text that I failed to muster up enough energy to really read. I noted the origins and the names, Charlotta is the singer but then I kind of lost interest in the band as their music took over my interest.

The music is retro rock as I alluded to earlier, I think comparisons with the likes of Thin Lizzy, Grand Funk and more aren’t completely off, and add to that the more modern copycats like Rival Sons (although these guys are much better) and some others – pointless to namedrop really. The music is classic rock style with catchy choruses, with some fresher hints and a slightly individual flavour. Good production. I really like the vocals; they fit perfectly and give a good feel to the songs. And they keep it short, that’s always a positive that means you will not think of the album as repetitive – not unless you play it hundred times in a row.

Good! Maybe I should even say great, as it is an album that really works on many levels. It is familiar and bears many classic trademarks, is a bit derivative but at the same time quite fresh and interesting. It is kind of a rarity, an album that will appeal both to those ridiculous souls who dream of a glorious past that never existed and to those not really satisfied with the same old repetitions that are most common in the world of music. Not really original but really good, with nine great songs where the opening one The Serpent really bites and holds on to the listener for the entire playing time.

So, the conclusion should be obvious, The Riven has lots to offer and that means both the band and the album with that name. It is classic yet fresh, quite an excellent combination and a really enjoyable album that should appeal to anyone reading the stuff I write for this webzine. So why not check out this fine album? I think it will be worth your while.






Label: The Sign Records
Three similar bands: Thin Lizzy/Grand Funk Railroad/Rival Sons

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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