Rendezvous Point
Universal Chaos

01. Apollo
02. Digital Waste
03. Universal Chaos
04. Pressure
05. The Fall
06. The Takedown
07. Unfaithful
08. Resurrection
09. Undefeated

Geirmund Hansen - vocal
Nicolay Tangen Svennæs - keyboard
Petter Hallaråker - guitar
Gunn-Hilde Erstad - bass
Baard Kolstad - drums

Solar Storm (2015)


Produced by Rendezvous Point
All drums recorded at PhatCat Studios, except «Undefeated», recorded at Urban sound studios.
Grand Piano recorded at Spira Kultursenter.
Mixed by Bjarne Stensli
«Undefeated», mixed by Chris
All songs pre-mixed by Nicolay Tangen Svennæs
Mastered by George Tanderø
Drum engineering by Sigve Bull
Drums on «Undefeated» engineered by Thomas Wang
All vocals engineered by Nicolay Tangen Svennæs
Photography by Stian Raa
Artwork and layout by Hicham Hamzi

Released 2019-05-24
Reviewed 2019-09-06

long branch records

Norwegian proggers Rendezvous Point comes with their second album Universal Chaos, which is an album that has a fairly interesting artwork. But artwork isn’t everything even if it looks good on vinyl, so what about this band that shares name with a headland in Ontario, Canada. If you didn’t know that, it means that you have learnt something when reading this review – something more than just anecdotes about this quintet that makes up this band that was started in Kristiansand back in 2010. The Debut album was released in 2015 and was called Solar Storm so it would seem like they are somewhat gravitating towards space.

It is progressive metal with some spacey touches but no chaos as the name would suggest. I would say that it is impossible not to draw some parallels to Leprous, another Norwegian progressive band. But Leprous is a more dynamic band, they have more charismatic vocals and a larger than life feeling that Rendezvous Point is missing. They do have a strong production, competent instrumentalism and good vocals but they sound a bit like a less dynamic version of Leprous. They vary their album relatively well but there are no surprises and the album can almost be described as a bit predictable, but a good thing is that they keep the playing time sensible enough to fit on one vinyl record – something that isn’t the most obvious choice for several bands in the progressive genre.

Universal Chaos is a good album, progressive fans should like it even though there is a risk that some of them will think that the band play it a little bit too safe. They don’t have any weak songs but the selection of songs still becomes the weaker point as the album lacks hit songs or stronger songs that makes you stop and take notice – the things that makes a good album great is missing. But it is a really well sounding production and that is a positive, and I doubt that it is an album that will be disappointing to anyone who buys it – especially not to those that are into the progressive metal.

I am missing some adventurous spirit but if you like the progressive metal stuff you will probably find this album fairly appealing. Unfortunately it never really takes off so it remains a good but never really a great album as those great hit songs are missing. If you are a fan of Leprous there is a fairly big chance that you will enjoy this album because it is a bit of a Leprous light kind of album. A well made album that will not disappoint any buyers although it may not dazzle too many of them either.




Label: Long Branch Records/SPV
Three similar bands: Leprous/Karnivool/Vola
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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