1. Turning
2. Grim Reaper
3. Islands II
4. Bar
5. Leave the Rave
6. Down the Drain
7. If You Go Away

Martin Plass - Bass, Vocals
David Reumüller - Drums, Vocals
Andreas Heller - Guitars, Vocals

Reflector (2001)
Phantoms (2006)
Pass (2009)
The Heritage (2012)


Produced by Bernd Heinrauch

Released 2019-04-05
Reviewed 2019-06-19


noise appeal records

Reflector could be a photographic tool that you use to focus the light the way you want it in things like portraits and stuff, it could be used to light images like the cover of the new album by a band that calls itself Reflector. It is the fifth album in a line of albums that stretches back to the early 2000s. The artwork is really nice, one of those that makes you think about buying yourself a vinyl copy just for the look. But as things like that costs buckets of money they need to be good as well so, what about this album, is it any good?

Doom, sludge, stoner, that sort of thing is the style, kind of dissonant I guess. Good production, mostly instrumental I think with some vocals – pretty good vocals. The sonic landscapes are quite strong but the variation is not very good as the album is quite static I think. So, you could describe it as solid but lacking a bit of depth and dynamics. It is good that the playing time is kept short so that the lack of variation doesn’t become a moot point.

I think this is a good album, the songs are quite good and I like the sound they present. If you like the sludgy, doomy and that sort of thing it is probably an album you will find appealing, while you may see it as a bit static and stale if you are a more peripheral fan of this kind of music. A strong standout track wouldn’t have hurt this album but it is a solid effort that will not be seen as weak by fans of the metal genre.

If you prefer the doomier stuff you probably should have a look at this album, it may be just according to your tastes. Otherwise I would say that there are better albums to choose from, 2019 may not be the greatest music year in history but it offers plenty of albums that are better than this one. With that said, it isn’t a bad album, far from it and I think that the ending conclusion has to be that this is a solid album with good songs and things like that – a good but not a very memorable effort is probably the best conclusion.






Label: Noise Appeal Records
Three similar bands: Humanasaur/Fetish 69/The Striggles

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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