We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan's Drink (20th Anniversary Special Ed.)

1. Down in Flames
2. Straightjacket Hell
3. Goin´ Crazy
4. Good For Nothing at All
5. Stranded (for Holly Ramone)
6. Dear Life: Sweet Nothing
7. Goodbye Suckerville
8. W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D.
9. Cold Heart Disaster
10. Back for Good
Bonus CD
01. Worth The Pain (Remastered Demo)
02. Good For Nothing At All (Remastered Demo)
03. Dying On My Own (Remastered Demo)
04. I Can't Stand Lucy (Remastered Demo)
05. Pleasure Kill (Remastered Demo)
06. I'll Be A Fool If I Let You Walk Away (Remastered Demo)
07. Loser In The End (Remastered Demo)
08. Stranded (Re-recorded)
09. Dying On My Own (Re-recorded)

Jarmo "JM" Mäkkeli - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Anders "Joey" Fredriksson - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mats "Mumbles" Norlin - Bass & Backing Vocals
Johan "Hojan" Karlsoon - Drums

1999 We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water in Satan's Drink
2000 Bursting Out Of Chucky’s Town
2001 Original Scandinavian Superdudes
2002 The Pleasure Kill
2004 Smashed On Arrival
2006 Kamikaze Love Reducer
2008 Moonlight City
2009 Death By Misadventure
2010 The Last Goodbye
2013 Smakk Valley
2015 Sweet Baby Octane

Jonas Stålhammar - Mellotron on "Straightjacket Hell" and "Stranded"
Therese Andersson - backing vocals on "Good For Nothing At All"
Tossa - backing vocals on "Down In Flames"
Pelle Saether - backing vocals on "Stranded"

Recorded by Pelle Saether
Mixed & produced by Pelle Saether and Psychopunch at Studio Underground (Västerås/Sweden 1999)
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Cutting Room
Re-recorded songs recorded, mixed and produced by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground (Västerås, Sweden) and mastered by Daniel Beckman
Original cover artwork by Challenge Custom Design Co
Layout of the reissue by Dirk Behlau / Pixeleye Industries

Released 2019-03-22
Reviewed 2019-06-12



Psycho punchers from Sweden return with a new reissue of their debut album, considering how little they think they are welcome they do make many reissues of the same album. But at least this reissue is a celebration of their 20th anniversary since said album, I am favouring such releases while the first reissue that was released in 2007 seems a bit pointless and the same can be said about the other reissues. In the press sheet it was plenty reissues in the discography. But lets not dwell on that apparent lack of creativity, lets have a look at this album – is it any good, and is it worth getting?

Musically it is punkish heavy rock music with plenty of energy and attitude, catchy. The production is rough and powerful, gives a sound that is strong and fairly timeless. The variation could have been more; the second disk contains some old demos and rerecorded old songs. You get quite a lot on the CD-version and a bit less if you buy on the vinyl, but you will at least get the bigger artwork if you buy the latter. The title is funny and the vocalist isn’t the best ever but he fits the music really well and he has a fair bit of authority. So overall it is a strong production, but not a particularly original one and it could have some more depth and creativity to really stand out.

They do what they do really well; the album is good and catchy, quite enjoyable. I like this album and everyone who likes straightforward and punkish rock music will find this to be a very appealing release. The tracks are good, the best songs are probably on the CD-bonus disk but there are quite some good songs on the album that was released and reissued as well. But then the question if it is an album worth getting, or if it was worth rereleasing, comes to mind and that isn’t the simplest of questions as I am not fully sure that there is a straightforward answer. First of all, the album isn’t fantastic but it works well if you want something simple, pretty good driving music for example – and probably great on stage. Secondly, it has been reissued before and also released so this is the third time it is released, however this time it is an anniversary release and that feels more valid than the first reissue.

If you like straightforward and simple rock music it is probably a very good and enjoyable album. I kind of like it but I am not sure I would want it in my album collection, but it has been good to listen to. If you haven’t already gotten a copy of this album before it could be worth checking out.





Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Gluecifer/The Hellacopters/Hardcore Superstars

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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