Greetings From Suckerville

1. Shut Your Fucking Mouth
2. I'll Be Home Tonight
3. Darling, Take All Of Me
4. Love
5. Scream Your Little Heart Out
6. Crash Landing
7. Liar
8. I Don't Need A Broken Heart
9. City's On Fire
10. Let's Do It Again
11. Tell Me Everything
12. Over You
13. Raise Your Glass

Jarmo "JM" Mäkkeli - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jonas Karlberg - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Patrik "Walle" Wallert - Bass & Backing Vocals
Johan "Hojan" Karlsson - Drums

1999 We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water in Satan's Drink
2000 Bursting Out Of Chucky’s Town
2001 Original Scandinavian Superdudes
2002 The Pleasure Kill
2004 Smashed On Arrival
2006 Kamikaze Love Reducer
2008 Moonlight City
2009 Death By Misadventure
2010 The Last Goodbye
2013 Smakk Valley
2015 Sweet Baby Octane

Laura Scarborough - piano on "City’s On Fire"
Julia Mörstrand - backing vocals on "All Of Me", "Over You" and "Scream Your Little Heart Out”

Produced by Pelle Saether and Psychopunch at Studio Underground (Västerås, Sweden)
Mixed by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground (Västerås,Sweden)
Mastered by Daniel Beckman at Mighty Magic Media AB
Cover artwork by Timo Wuerz

Released 2019-10-18
Reviewed 2019-11-11



It wasn’t long ago that I wrote about my countrymen in Psychopunch, their debut album was released in a twenty-year anniversary edition. Now they come again, this time with their first new album in four years. It is an album that ties back to that debut album; the Greetings From Suckerville connects to a track on the debut album, Goodbye Suckerville. They are also reuniting with original drummer Johan in order to come about full circle now some twenty years after the first album.

Compared with the previous studio album they go for shorter and rawer songs, sort of going back to the roots or something like that. It is raw and energetic hard rock with punk attitudes, something like that. Not the most inventive in terms of style, simple rock music with plenty or energy and attitude – easy to like. The simplicity of the album makes it easy to like but it also makes it lack a little variation so it is good that they keep it fairly short with little over forty minutes playing time, that is perhaps slightly long but not a massive problem.

The lack of originality could be a bit negative but I guess that can depend a little on your expectations, if you just want something simple and energetic it is a good choice. I think that those fans that wants the band to return to their roots, which they never really left, will find this album most agreeable as it is a bit more straightforward and raw with shorter songs compared with the predecessor. I would say that it is an album that is very similar to the anniversary edition of the debut album I reviewed earlier this year with a little bit more punch.

Greetings From Suckerville is a pretty good album, nothing that will go down in history as a ground-breaking release. But for a hard rocking punk album it is a strong effort. Psychopunch shows us that they know what they are doing and if you like the band’s previous works you should enjoy their greetings and return to Suckerville. Good craftsmanship with energy and attitude, an album worth checking out for anyone enjoying the simpler and catchier punkish rock music.




Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Gluecifer/The Hellacopters/Hardcore Superstars

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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