Pretty Wild
Interstate 13

01. Let's Get It Out
02. Meant For Trouble
03. Superman
04. Wild And Free
05. Give It All Tonight
06. Stand My Ground
07. The Way I Am
08. Thanks To You
09. Shot Me Down
10. Walk The Edge
11. I Love It
12. Break Down The Walls

Ivan Ivve Höglund - Vocals
Axl Ludwig - Guitar
Kim Chevelle - Bass
Johnny Benson - Drums

All the Way (2009)
Pretty Wild (2014)


Recorded at RoastingHouse Studios

Released 2019-05-31
Reviewed 2019-06-02

black lodge records

Pretty Wild is by the promotion people described as Swedens number one glam/sleaze band and they are also claiming that this is a killer album. If any of that were true it would be a first for this band who has put out mediocre efforts so far. Interstate 13 is the title of the new one and it offers a dozen new songs and it is claimed that lots of blood, sweat and tears has gone into the album. It is said to be energetic and all of that stuff but I think the same was said about the previous two albums as well and they were not very impressive, so what about this one?

Sleaze or glam rock/metal is how this can be described, completely according to format. About as innovative as a redwood tree or a visit to the toilet and as colourful as a sixties industrial building and industrial is how it can be described kind of like manufactured on the assembly line rather than actually created as a work of music. We get the usual variety of songs for an album of this category and it struck me how dated the album sounds – quite poor production I suppose. And I have a hard time seeing where all those blood, sweat and tears have gone – there is nothing special about this album.

I am not impressed; Shot Me Down is probably the only slightly redeeming feature on the album. It is not a very impressive track but its catchiness is a good break in a pretty bleak and grey album without much highlights. Kind of like the earlier albums that I have reviewed by these guys. Fortunately the labels or whoever wrote the promotion was lying, they are far from number one in Sweden, we have many better bands in this genre in this country but unfortunately they were also lying about the album being a killer album – well, it could be but not in the sense that description is normally used.

So, I terminate this album playback before it is killing me from boredom. It feels like Pretty Wild just tries to emulate songs from times long past and don’t really find a way to make something of their own; they make copies of songs from the past. And if you want old sleaze/glam songs you can buy much better (and more original) albums on used vinyl from ebay or other marketplaces for small amounts of money. That would be a much better choice than buying this mediocre beige album without attitude. Big yawn!




Label: Black Lodge Records
Three similar bands: Mötley Crüe/Whitesnake/Def Leppard

Betyg: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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