The Pilgrim
Walking into the Forest

01. Peace Of Mind
02. The Time You Wait
03. Sailor
04. Dragonfly
05. Sunset In The Desert
06. Brainstorm
07. Pendulum
08. When I Call Your Name
09. Secrets
10. Suite #2

Filippo Ragazzoni - Drums, Spiritual Pots
Gabriele Fiori - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Synths, Bass



Recorded at Nero Studio, Rome
Mixed at JD Studio by Pino Santamaria
Artwork by Marteen Donders

Released 2019-04-26
Reviewed 2019-06-25

heavy psych sounds

Walking into the forest is what we are doing when taking on the debut album by the construct known as The Pilgrim, so please do take long sleeves and trousers as the mosquitoes can be quite annoying and numerous this time of the year. Behind the moniker stands the owner of the label Gabriele Fiori who has enlisted a drummer to fulfil his vision of music that doesn’t quite fit into the style of the bands Fiori usually plays for. And now he has finished that album and you can buy it on vinyl and other things.

The album is of a kind that was more common many years ago, in the sixties or seventies. Softer rock with plenty of acoustic guitar and such things are heard on this album, the tempo is quite low throughout the album and I would not claim that the album is varied as it feels quite static throughout. It isn’t very original either, the vocals are good and there are some nice psych influences here and there. It isn’t a particularly original or imaginative album, and it also sounds a bit dated that can probably be traced to them recording on seventies equipment. I think the album is a bit on the long side as well; shorter and more dynamic could help to make the album more exciting.

This album is a bit on the slow side, a bit tiring – perhaps it could work as a help to cure insomnia. Of course that might be a tad mean, the album isn’t really bad or anything; it just lacks imagination and energy. They need some faster songs, some more variation and dynamics would have been very beneficial to this album. But this one feels more mediocre and a bit slow as well as tired, it is not really an album that makes me want to return to it and it is alums like these that makes it a chore rather than something enjoyable to write stuff for Hallowed.

Of course this album, like all albums, has its finer moments but none of the songs stand out and it doesn’t really shine. Perhaps it isn’t the best for relations to be slightly negative towards the label boss, but as a critic I cannot really write anything other than what I hear. It seems like an album that targets those who are having romantic dreams about a glorious past that never really was, so if you like the similar bands and soft rock of the seventies it might be an album for you otherwise it is an album that will not make much of a mark.






Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Three similar bands: Crosby/Stills & Nash/Steppenwolf

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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