Phil Lanzon
48 Seconds

1. Azura’s Theme (Instrumental)
2. In The Rain
3. Forty Line
4. Rock N Roll Children
5. Blue Mountain
6. Look At The Time
7. Road To London
8. You Can Make A Living
9. Face To Face
10. 48 Seconds

Phil Lanzon – Keys and lead vocals

If You Think I'm Crazy (2018)

John Mitchell – Lead vocals
Andy Makin – Lead vocals
Richard Cottle – Additional keys, Saxes
Neal Wilkinson – Drums
Adam Goldsmith – Guitar
Mick O’Donohue – Giutar
Miriam Grey – Lead vocals, background vocals
Phoebe Street, Andy Caine, Andy Playfoot – Background vocals
Tom Walsh – Trumpets
Clare Mcinerney – Saxes
Neil Sidwell – Trombones
Chris Haigh – Violin solo
Richard Harwood – Cello solo
Levine Andrade – Viola solo
London Telefilmonic Orchestra – Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

All songs written by Phil Lanzon
Produced and mixed by Simon Hanhart
Arranged by Richard Cottle
Co-produced by Phil Lanzon
Cover painting and all artwork by Michael Cheval

Released 2019-08-02
Reviewed 2019-09-16


Last year Phil Lanzon, known from bands like Uriah Heep, released his debut album last year and this writer gave it a good review. Now it is time for album number two and it is called 48 Seconds a title that seems strange. The album is not 48 seconds long, not even 48 minutes, not even the title track is 48 seconds but strangeties aside, it can be related to some relativity thing so it probably works on some level, just like the artwork. I like the artwork and I did like the debut album and I kind of like this one as well but it is not as likeable as the debut.

Musically it is kind of the same as the debut, melodic and progressive rock music in the vein of bands like Genesis, It Bites and so on, with some more straightforward rock music in there as well. Once again the It Bites vocalist John Mitchell is heard and many solid guest musician as well as a playing time of nearly one hour. It is a good production and has decent variation, good vocals and solid musicianship – fans of the previous album will most likely find this one to be good as well and it has a similar potential to reach a wider audience thanks to a relatively wide stylistic range that is easy to like in many regards.

This new album is good, the songs work and there is nothing really wrong with it. But it is also a bit like a watered down copy of the debut album – not a copy in the regards that it is the same song for song but the gist of it is that it is the same kind of songs and the same kind of album just more watered down and less alive than the predecessor. It is missing the same kind of hit songs that we got on the first album, the almost magical beginning and that kind of experience – this one is just less exciting than the previous album was.

It is like the good Lanzon is just after making the same kind of album again and doesn’t manage to outdo what he did on the previous album. It is always difficult to make the same kind of album seem more exciting unless you change something, it is far easier just to make new things and thrill the fans with some different flavours will still keeping some signature ideas, the best ands and artists do this really well – Lanzon does not quite manage this time. 48 Seconds is a pretty good album but it isn’t as good as its predecessor.






Label: Phil Lanzon Ditties/Cargo Records UK
Three similar bands: Uriah Heep/It Bites/Grand Prix

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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