The Phantom of Phobos
From a Dead Channel / The Uninvited

CD1 - From A Dead Channel
01. Collide
02. Phobia
03. Brother Mine
04. No Signal
05. Halloween
06. Made Of Stars
07. Of The Undead
08. Cydonia
09. Counterkarma
CD2 - The Uninvited
01. The Uninvited
02. Them
03. Dreaming Of Dying




Mixed by Mirko Nosari
Mastered by Mika Jussila
Orchestral arrangements by composer Mattia Benedetti Vallenari

Released 2019-04-05
Reviewed 2019-08-23


The Phantom debuts with an album and an EP in the same package with an artwork that I think they should have put a bit more heart into because it isn’t that brilliant. Why not go for it when making the first release? Often the answer is because it gets too long and that kind of thing – so what about what these Finns has to offer? The sci-fi stuff makes it seem a little bit exciting even though Phobos can’t be said to be the most exciting object in the solar system.

The music isn’t the most exciting I have ever heard either. It is progressive rock, somewhat cinematic, a bit of a grungy sense perhaps, with some female and more male vocals and songs that lacks the sense of dynamics as a real spacetrip and a phantom would offer. The album is perhaps not a very varied one either, and it offers few surprises despite offering some funny and fresh ideas. Decent production is another thing offered by this release and thanks to adding an EP to the mix it seems to a bit too long – actually it is too long even if you disregard the EP.

So, it is too long and it isn’t dynamic – those are the drawbacks, the atmosphere is the upside – it sounds a little bit exciting despite not being too dynamic. There is this sensation that the phantom has something to offer but doesn’t quite manage to express what it is in a way that seems to make it interesting and instead the album passes without making much of an impression. A really strong album is memorable and that is what is lacking here, the memorability, like a special song or overall special feel – in the end the album is almost forgettable, but only almost.

The Finnish phantom has put together a pretty good debut release, it has its flaws but I doubt buyers will be disappointed. This band of nameless phantoms will probably makes something exciting in the future, they have some interesting ideas but the debut album isn’t quite there but if you like the similar bands or just take some holiday trips to Phobos there is a decent chance that you will like this album.




Label: Concorde Music Company
Three similar bands: The Gathering/Nine Inch Nails/Faith No More

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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