One Day in Fukushima

1. Bhopal Inc.
2. Desomorfina
3. D.E.M.
4. Exoskeleton
5. Automi
6. Toxifissione
7. Sawney's Eyes
8. Giù La Testa
9. Stench Of Rotten
10. Ipnosi Dell'Assente
11. Priypiat Syndrome
12. Waterboarding
13. Ridursi Al Niente
14. La Giustizia Degli Spaventapasseri
15. Il Regime Dei Maiali
16. Gabbia Toracica
17. Jiu Ming
18. Bergoglio's Fistful Of Sanctity

Valerio - vocals
Fabrizio - Guitar
Vincenzo - Bass
Cosimo - Drums



Artwork by Claudio Scialabba
Recorded at Subversive Revenge Studio
Mastered by Olli Nokkala

Released 2019-04-20
Reviewed 2019-08-01


A band from Ebola, or was it Eboli? I know that they are from Italy and they have been spending a day in Fukushima in order to gain some radioactivity. But somehow I doubt that they will see or hear much activity on the radio when it comes to their songs. This album called Ozy-something is their debut album and has an artwork that doesn’t look very exciting, so how about the music?

Grindcore is what they are doing, fast paced, growly, smattering, deathy metal with much energy and probably the stuff that makes grindcore guys headbang vividly. They are doing it according to format, there are no fresh thinking when it comes to this album – like it is generally for this genre, I am not really sure that the fans of the genre is looking for original ideas. It is the same kind of short songs as are usually the thing with grindcore, eighteen tracks and less than thirty minutes of music. And for all of you who fear the new things, you shouldn’t worry as this album doesn’t offer any surprises.

Typical grindcore, it is about as good as typical vomiting or something equally unpleasant, at least it is for us who don’t really do grindcore. Grindcore fans will probably find this album most appealing, so if you are one of those it will probably be an album to check out. I would say that it is a very solid debut by these guys and that it sounds like they achieve what they set out to do, unfortunately grindcore isn’t exactly the most popular stuff ever created so there will probably not be as much radioactivity as the name suggests.

Well, it may be fun for the ones into the grindcore stuff but less fun for the rest of the music fans, perhaps it would be preferable to have a day in Fukushima rather than playing this album again. It is an ambivalent end, grindcore fans should look at this album while the rest of us should look elsewhere.






Three similar bands: Napalm Death/Lock Up/Mumakil

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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