Ole Enlish

1. Paladin
2. Old Man
3. Heel
4. Visions of Ghana
5. Holy Roller

Nick Harvey- vox/guitar
Lynden Segura- vox/guitar
Magnolia June- bass
Austin Wood- drums



Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jack Morrison on behalf of Warganized Records in Lafayette, LA
Album design & layout by Ole English & Jack Morrison
Band Photograph by Lexi Latiolais

Released 2019-08-23
Reviewed 2019-08-11


At first I thought Ole English was some Norwegian guy but then realised that it was a referral to the old tongue, ye ole English that was spoken a while ago. Not that they sing in that language but I read that they are from Lafayette, some town in Louisianna in the United States of America. They call the music they perform Warlock rock and once again I am fascinated with how imaginative they can be about genres, figuring out some clever subgenre previously unheard of to make it appear as though their most ordinary music stands out from the crowds. Ole English doesn’t make music that differs; it is quite typical stoner rock with a somewhat slow pace.

Whiskey soaked vocals, classic stoner riffs and stoner production – there are no surprises in terms of style. We have heard it before and many times it has been done better. The variation is pretty low, and it actually feels rather long despite a playing time of less than half an hour – I don’t think that is a show of strength. It lacks fantasy and dynamics as well as depth and attention grabbing parts – it is some very long solos and stuff that makes you zone out and think of many other things.

I have a pretty hard time staying awake when listening to this album and writing this text, so any strange formulations or parts that are impossible to understand I blame on the difficulty staying conscious when listening. It is a pretty boring release; it offers the same as many others but lacks the best parts. Ole English is a little bit like a collection of rejected songs from other stoner bands; it never takes off or grabs the attention. It just exists and you are only slightly aware, that’s a bit of a shame as I usually like stoner rock and has a few albums in the vinyl shelves – this one will however never end up there and not only because it appears to be exclusively digital.

It isn’t the most impressive album I have ever heard, not the worst either, it is just a pretty dull five track release that feels too long and not interesting enough to care about. Perhaps that some stoner rockers will find it an acceptable release but I doubt that it will be many. They need to find an own voice and perhaps drop the dreary vocalist if they want to be interesting; I guess Ole English isn’t really the thing nowadays.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Kyuss/Uncle Acid/Wolfmother

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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