Nyt Liv
Ensomhedens Kolde Kald

1. Kniven
2. Blodet Skygger
3. Aske Og Blod
4. Fortidens Tæsk
5. Det Skal Du Nok Blive
6. Løgne
7. Stille Ikke Død
8. Ingen Fast Form
9. Farvel Til Fornu en
10. Lys

Michael Benborg Aagesen - Vocals
Martin Goltermann - Cuitar
Søren Hvidt - Bass
Simon Erlendsson - Drums

Livet Brænder (EP 2017)


Produced by Jacob Bredahl
Mastered by Brad Boatright

Released 2019-05-03
Reviewed 2019-06-05


Danish is on the agenda today, the band called Nyt Liv. It is New Life if you translate the name and the new album is entitled The Cold Calling of Solitude if you translate it from the Danish title. It is the debut album from the quartet who released its debut EP in 2017 and now comes the first album. And you can certainly describe the artwork as pretty good, so how about the album? Can it really be something with Danish social realism in a hardcore guise? That is a very good question that I will try to answer in this review.

Hardcore with lyrics in Danish, that is the simple description of what we get to hear here. Ten tracks, starting with Kniven and then followed by nine other tracks ending with Lys – so it is from The Knife to Light. Pretty good production, quite energetic and with some nice melodic touches as well. And they keep it short and intense, something that is always a must when delving into the hardcore musical genre. A bit punkish of course and if you were to understand the lyrics they are of a world on the brink of dissolution – a very popular theme amongst people in these parts of the world nowadays, and frankly quite a boring one. I usually don’t hate things but I really hate the negativity in our world today, it is really boring and counterproductive. If we imagine that the world is wrong we will make it worse by trying to fix it, like we do right now. But lets not dwell more on the lyrics, they are not that audible anyway.

The music is good, I like the sound and the energy the band has to offer. I think the opening track Kniven sets a good tone for the album and then they are parading fairly good songs. It is never really fantastic though and the lack of really fresh things is a bit negative but overall I cannot really complain as I think it works and it is much thanks to them daring to sing in the Danish language, not a beautiful language in itself but as a hardcore language it is good.

Hardcore fans should have a look at this album, and it may well appeal to others as well. I think Nyt Liv has put together a strong debut album with good tracks and the cold calling of solitude might just be the calling that reaches out to you. A short and intense, good hardcore album – Ensomhedens Kolde Kald is definitely worth a good long look, especially if you are a hardcore fan.





Label: Indisciplinarian
Three similar bands: Nails/As We Fight/Pilgrimz

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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